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XPRING from Ripple has a new inclusion!

When you are a growing technological brand and if there are more than 20 million followers at your back, it is indeed difficult to keep them all updated and hear their opinions on the impending projects in the pipeline. Interaction with your audience is a valuable piece of the puzzle that will determine the course path of the development of your technology and its application over the world. 

Ripple stepped up!

Even with growing users as we speak, one of the platforms that we need to definitely ponder about in the Blockchain space is definitely, Ripple. Ripple recently debuted an exclusive forum for its user in the company’s development platform XPRING. 

There are a lot of motives behind ripple’s move and the one that tops the list is the companies major goal to engage a huge user space of more than 20 million and counting. 

And the list doesn’t stop

Adding the icing to the cake, ripple is also releasing an exclusive community page to keep the users and developers to be updated with the day to day developments of Ripple as well as their upcoming events. 

The DevRel team of XPRING took to twitter about the new engagement in the developer platform and also announced that Mr. Warren Paul Anderson will be heading the operations of the team. 

Some fo the key-highlights of the platform is that it will give the developers in the community a leading edge on the various information on the products from Ripple. They will include tutorial videos, information and other types of useful content that will keep the audience excited.

The users in the platform will also be witnessing recent technological products that will be released in the near future from Ripple as well. There are a lot of other areas that the DevRel team of XPRING is working on currently to make the platform more engaging and informational at the same time. 

A little History

XPRING was released as an exclusive developer platform of Ripple and slowly seeing the developments in the space, there are definitely a lot more exciting things that will soon be added to the list as the days go by. 

This move from Ripple is sure to spike attention within its competitors similar to this regard, but as they say, the early bird gets the worm, Ripple’s XPRING will definitely have a competitive advantage over the same.