World's Largest Blockchain Hub

World’s Largest Blockchain Hub, Trust Square Hosts Neo (NEO) Among 40 Other Startups

Neo (NEO) is usually known as China’s Ethereum for its replica of the world’s 2nd most popular coin, Neo (NEO) blockchain technology has taken a step ahead in the game of crypto globe by protecting a space for itself at Trust Square, the world’s largest blockchain Hub.

Today, the non-profit community-based blockchain project has inaugurated a new office at the Trust Square for enhancing its operations further.

Founded in April 2018, the blockchain hub which is located in Zurich, Switzerland currently hosts more than 40 blockchain startups and companies.

As indicated in a release, it had been confirmed that Trust Square would be hosting an event on 20th September to commemorate its expansion further.

In addition, as the hub expanded its space for accommodating 300 more workstations around 3,000 square meters, the event will be featuring the showcasing of many applied demo use and blockchain cases from the startups. The world’s largest blockchain hub presently calls on the common public to attend the program and learn about projects which will be presented by the residents.

Lili Zhao, a representative of NEO who heads the NGD actions in Zurich, will be present at the event. Zhao holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of London and an MBA from the University of St. Gallen. Lili Zhao joined the NGD team in June 2018.

Zhao founded the China Ethos quarterly in-flight magazine that was distributed across 15 airlines. Prior to joining NEO, Lili who used to be a banker worked as a blockchain project advisor in 2017.

Neo (NEO) the Black Sea Community

NEO is expected to hosting 3 different events starting from September 28 to 30. As indicated in a release, the very first, which is The Assemble, will take place on September 28.

The Assemble will be featuring the gatherings of NEO leadership, the government officials and its blockchain based projects from across the world, in the Black Sea region of Tbilisi.

Where the last event, which is going to be The Marathon, will be taking place on the 30th of September, and the main event Hackathon will hold on the three days.