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Why Craig Wright Is One Of The Most Unliked Personalities In The Crypto Space?

Craig S Wright is an Australian IT engineer and businessman who has worked with various security firms and also designed numerous security architecture for Casinos and private firms. However, he is best known for his claims of being the original founder of Bitcoin.

Claiming to be the Satoshi Nakamoto made Wright an overnight star in the crypto space but what made him one of the most unliked personality is the identity crisis he is facing. Even after being debunked numerous times, Wright does not seem to move and still maintains that he is the original founder of the Bitcoin.

Craig Wright tried to pass off as the original Satoshi by showing the reporters a digital signature associated with the Genesis block whose only owner is Satoshi. However, cryptoanalysts were quick to point out the shortcomings in his story and a great contrast between the white paper released by Satoshi.

Craig Wright is like that Shephard who called “wolf” too many times to be believed. Thus, many people called him out for his lies, but instead of apologizing, Craig maintained his stand, thus infuriated a lot of people and got the nickname “Faketoshi”

Apart from that his infamous brawl with Roger Ver at the time of Bitcoin cash Hard-fork and his attempts to manipulate the crypto space made him one of the most disliked personality in the crypto space.

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Being Cocky is Only Good If you can back it Up!

Craig Wright is not just a fluke who has climbed the ladder of limelight out of blue. He was a well established IT engineer who has worked with some of the noted names in the IT sector and had a career to look back upon. However, being an early adopter in the blockchain space, he weighted his knowledge and conman skills way too high.

The blockchain ecosystem gave him too many chances to come clean and prove his skills which he thinks so highly off, but alas Craig only focused on talking and very less on doing. After receiving heat for his claims of being the original creator, his tryst with the Bitcoin cash community during the infamous hard-fork of the network took the dislike to an all new level.

First, he decided to create his own independent chain which was unlike any other hard-forks earlier. When the hard-fork finally commenced, the real issue began, as Roger Ver’s chain was fairing better on every parameter and people were quick to rub it in Wright’s face. However, Craig being his usual cocky self seemed unfazed and threatened a hash power war, which resulted in putting unnecessary pressure on the miners of both communities. Craig lost this battle too and his public chain BSV even recognized two of their own blocks (which is highly unlikely in a decentralized ecosystem)

As the things looked slipping away and the crypto enthusiast was sure that Craig is fighting a lost battle, things turned on its head. The Roger Ver led BCH ABC chain which was almost accepted as the only chain after the fork saw a sudden decline and its prices dropped by more than half in a matter of a few hours. When the whole crypto market was bleeding, BSV chain started to rise up the charts when everyone thought the game is over.

many speculate it was a very well-planned and orchestrated market manipulation, where whales from the Wright side started dumping a lot of BCH ABC token into the market and started buying the BSV token, creating such a massive cycle of events that brought doom for the Roger Ver side.

However, Roger led BCH ABC community was focused on making their blockchain efficient and not just bask on the internet glory or fight against the Craig Wright side. as the time progressed and price volatility due to market manipulation settled, BCH ABC got back on its feet with the help of some efficient development work and was recognized as the original forked chain of the BCH network.

On the other hand, the BSV chain which promised 1000 times more efficiency and transaction on its network hasn’t seen an iota of development work since the hue and cry around the fork died down. This sets out a very loud and clear message that unless you can back up your cockiness with some real results, you must refrain from being as cocky as Craig Wright.

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Final Thoughts

Craig Wright has become the blockchain troll, who had the efficiency and resources to create something unique and productive for the world and he could have been the first Craig Wright. But, instead, Craig decided to create an identity crisis for himself where the world know that he is not the creator but also calls him Faketoshi. Now whatever Wright does, no matter how great the final outcome would be, but he will always be known as Faketoshi.

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