Why Blockchain Is The Gold Mine For Investors In 2019?

The investing space is ripe with opportunities as every other tech graduate or college dropout is working on a nascent startup, looking to become the next Jeff Bezos or the next Mark Zuckerburg, but more rich. Imaginations are running amok as more people want to wake up to the smell of coffee and success.

I for one believe that blockchain technology is the one everyone is betting on this year, as they should. Having dazzled the tech world with what it can achieve, it has left corporations running helter skelter to file as many blockchain related patents as they can possibly manage to.

It is the technology everyone is talking about, and it is definitely the talk of the investor town. Let me explain why I think blockchain will be the cash cow for investors who choose to invest in the tech, wisely.

We have already established how the tech is infusing new life into the starup space, and not just by being the bedrock for cryptocurrency. Sectors such as healthcare, education, supply chain management and many more have explored and experimented extensively with this technology. So for those looking to branch out into these industries, blockchain projects might just be the flying broom you need to get there.

Additionally, social impact projects are gaining increasing momentum. People are holding companies responsible for how their practices are affecting the society around them. So for those looking to funnel money into projects that make a social impact, blockchain technology once again can pave the path ahead for that.

It has been used in various ventures looking to give back to the community and also in philanthropic ventures. Check out the Top 5 Blockchain Solutions For Charity and Social Impact to discover such amazing projects. This field is truly ripe for investments.

For all those looking to make profits and invest in new and emerging technologies, blockchain is truly the one technology that you can bet your money on, blindly.