What is Meta Mask

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a browser plugin that enables users to make Ethereum transactions through regular sites. It encourages the adoption of Ethereum in light of the fact that it crosses over any barrier among the user interfaces for Ethereum and the standard web.

Without this, Ethereum can’t move towards becoming mainstream that the customary web has a strong network impact which represses the average user from switching.

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Regular Web vs Ethereum

Assume you need to utilize Ethereum to purchase a pair of gloves from Flipkart. The regular web puts Flipkart’s servers at the focus: Your browser makes HTTP requests to it for the site page and sends your payment details to it. Notwithstanding, Ethereum is decentralized. To pay, you would need to compose your transaction on the Ethereum blockchain through any Ethereum Node, which could be on your computer or elsewhere, and broadcast it over the network.

Then, Flipkart would take a gander at the blockchain to check that Ether has been transferred from your account into its own.

Right now, regular internet browsers don’t have a clue how to connect to an Ethereum node and read or keep in touch with Ethereum blockchain. So, you would need to start your Mist browser and fiddle with little details such as ETH addresses to make the payment.

Now, this is where MetaMask comes into action.

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The Role of MetaMask

MetaMask infuses a javascript library called web3.js into the namespace of each page your browser loads. This web3.js is composed by the core team of Ethereum and has functions which normal site pages can use to make read and write requests on the blockchain that are predictable with the current protocol.

Moreover, MetaMask enables users to determine which Ethereum node to send these requests to. The ability to send read and write requests to nodes outside of the user’s PCs is vital on the grounds that it implies that individuals can utilize Ethereum without downloading a node comprising the 10+GB blockchain on their PCs.

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