WankCoin: It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

WankCoin is exactly what you think it is.

Don’t freak out. Think about where we are in time and where we’re heading in the cryptocurrency space. Admire the fact that there is now a decentralized token system for securely and privately paying for adult website content, or pornography, to be precise.
It is not difficult to understand the concept of Blockchain and its propagation. We have been using exchanged tokens ever since we were kids at a gaming store, to the time when we’re using plastic chips as adults in a casino. It’s kind of the same thing.

WankCoin is our own blockchain-bro masturbatory fantasy come to life. We now have a cryptocurrency that is not only for the singular objective of adult website transactions but is so precisely named that there is no doubt as to what it is for and the minds it originated from.

The idea of the coin is not without merit. While there is plenty of free stuff on the internet, some people still pay for what is apparently premium porn. Being Ethereum based, WankCoin is fortunately not tied to some shifty cryptocurrency. While all crypto tends to have some volatility, at least Ethereum is somewhat trusted. WankCoin tokens are purchased and can be used anonymously on over 100 adult sites. All these transactions are as safe and private as they could get, compared to credit cards that tell everyone including your bank, credit card company, wife/husband, and your mom that you are paying for porn.

WankCoin is backed by technology company Foshan, a forerunner in advanced advertising platforms, content monetization, webcam streaming, progressed advancements of online dating, virtual reality and cryptocurrency, and the parent company of WankzVR.

“Foshan has a history of recognizing consumer pain points and leading the charge to offer cutting-edge ways to improve user experiences. When it comes to enjoying adult content, keeping your identity private and information secure is a continued consumer concern, which is where WankCoin originated,” said Bradley Phillips, Managing Director of WankCoin in a press release. “Because a customer’s data will never be shared with a merchant, users do not have to worry about a potential data breach, blackmail, or secret fetishes being revealed. Innovation is in Foshan’s DNA and early on we recognized the benefits utilizing cutting-edge technology like blockchain would provide the adult industry and we were the first business to apply it to make purchasing adult content anonymous and untraceable.”

Unlike so many token sales before it, WankCoin is already actively working and has established partnerships and is not soaking investors with some dream of a magical token for some service that we didn’t know we needed.

WankCoin gives us exactly what we need!