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Wall Street To Hollywood: Bitcoin Is Moving Real Fast

With cryptocurrencies emerging as the hottest topic in the market, Hollywood is all geared up to join the Bitcoin trend, with a considerable number of movies with focused attention to Bitcoin lined up to be released this year.

Superfly – Trading Cash for Crypto

Have you ever come across a genre called “Exploitation”? It is a genre initiated by the scriptwriter with a desire to exploit the concept and idea which many might consider it to be an illegal act and some others won’t. Nevertheless, the entire idea of exploitation often pushes the appropriate limit in their own particular time.

Exploitation which includes drugs, violence and sex often draws a lot of attention. It is basically the sensational fiction of the last half of the 20th century. Exploitation also has a subgenre called “Blaxploitation” which brought the African-American communities and characters into the glare of publicity.

Superfly, the 1972 crime drama is a perfect example which has been recently revised and remade.

The 2018 version of “Superfly” not only exploits the typical standard taboos but also the present-day trending topic of cryptocurrency and crime. The main character of the 2018 remake of crime drama “Superfly” is now seen “trading cash for crypto.”  This is the debut movie of Julien Christian Lutz aka Director X who is renowned for his music video creations for many Hollywood singers. Not long ago, Sony Pictures published a complete trailer of remade “Superfly” – a Blaxploitation classic. This classic movie is said to hit the theatres on the 15th of July.

Chasing 6,000 Bitcoins on a PC Sold to a Pawn Shop

This storyline revolves around two Russian college students chasing a hard disk which had a Bitcoin fortune stored in it. Things go wrong when they mistakenly sell the wrong PC to a pawn shop. The movie has been shot in Russia and will be finalized and ready by the end of May.

The movie revolves around the bitcoin-related scenario where two young college going guys pursue after a cryptocurrency fortune. While trying to track down and recover the PC which contained keys leading to six thousand bitcoins, they have to undergo a certain series of adventures and also face some deadly lethal situations.  

According to reports, a movie house in the city of Yaroslavl (Russia) has started to accept cryptocurrency. Apparently, a cinema club named “Neft” has also started selling tickets in exchange for Bitcoin, Zclassic and Bitcoin Gold. With cryptocurrencies not yet being legalised in Russia, they had to find a solution to the problem in order to enjoy the advantage of digital payments.

This project has been officially declared as a marketing campaign with an aim to attract the people who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Unable to even beat “Telegram”, the state will sooner or later legalise cryptocurrencies.

It’s Funny When They Feature Bitcoin

Bitcoin fever entering the comedy genre, Film producer Christian Cashmir is all set to produce his debut “Bitcoin” which highlights Cryptocurrency. The movie is being shot in New Mexico and was supposed to commence by the end of April.

The storyline of “Bitcoin” revolves around an employed suburban father, along with his good for nothing brother, who sets off to convert a nameless and unspecified Bitcoin account by selling the Bitcoin in the black market to earn some cash that he requires to support his family. The comedy is still in its pre-production stage, as stated by IMDb.