VeChain Foundation’s Thor Blockchain To Get An Updated Source Code

BTC Wires: It has been a month since the mainnet launch of Vechain’s Thor blockchain, and things have gone quite silent with respect to VeChain Foundation after that. Apart from the launch of the mobile wallet for new VET tokens, no other major news originated from the Foundation. However, it appears that the group behind VeChain was quite busy with something different that is essential for the blockchain and now, today they have uncovered what they’ve been doing – an update to the source code of the Thor blockchain!

They have updated the source code of Thor blockchain with version 1.0.1 which has been released by VeChain Foundation on Github. The company has updated this on their twitter page too. The new source code comes with many changes to enhance the overall performance of VeChain Thor blockchain. The major changes include:

  • Addition of docker file
  • Faster block synchronisation
  • Enhanced API document
  • Dismissal of a broken flag in solo mode
  • Fixed panic on handling malicious P2P discovery packet
  • An inaccurate error that used to appear on requesting API fixed
  • Default NAT flag set to any
  • Timeout added to processing of POST

The new updated version is made available on Github. The Vechain’s Thor Blockchain aims to help the industry in adopting blockchain technology without making many changes in their infrastructure. Recently, its Vet tokens got listed in the crypto exchanges for marking the successful completion of the mainnet launch process. The all VEN token listed on major exchanges were swapped for the VET tokens and exchanges continued after completion of this token swap. The cost of VET tokens has been taking off because of successful completion of mainnet migration.