Varanida Aims To Change Digital Marketing Through Blockchain

No denying that we are living in a world where everything is possible. The things we couldn’t do a year ago, can be done now with the utmost ease. Where everything is possible in this digital world, we cannot turn a blind eye to the issues we have generally been facing for quite long. Yes, it’s about the privacy of users which has become a major talking point today. Evprerybody is concerned about their privacy, about how their data is being used. The more people are being conscious about their data being used, the more it’s getting difficult for the marketers to target their customers.

Like always, BTC Wires has brought something for our readers. Something that’s loyal. Something that has a good value. Something that’s doing wonders in the market with its unique concept. Something like “Varanida”. Our researchers have gone through this latest digital development and got some interesting marketing tweaks that this new platform has come up with.

It’s quite a fact that the advertising industry is broken. Since advertising has taken over the web, it has caused users to suffer under its increasing load. It comes with no surprise that advertising congests bandwidth, slows down the pages and collect large measures of user data. The increased advertising supply has diminished the revenue generated per ad, thus publishers battle to remain alive by placing a lot of advertisements on their pages which results in making that advertising more and more invasive. This goes ahead in degrading the user experience even further. In the end, users are overwhelmed by the bad ads.

Discussing the things with the Varanida CEO, we have found that this new tool will work on Ethereum blockchain and is here to stay in the digital world.

Since the issues in the digital advertising space have been recognised, it’s an ideal opportunity to examine how Varanida can help you solve them. Varanida professes to be an unbiased performer in the marketplace, taking under 1% commission, as a reasonable and transparent party trusted by all the stakeholders involved. Let’s discuss them separately –

Users:  By blocking ads starting from a centralised network system and interfacing with verified advertisers, users will have the chance to win VAD tokens. This phase will only be an option till the end of the ICO. Afterwards, users will be rewarded for sharing their data with publishers, and when targeted by ads using their (opt-in) data. Since Varanida won’t store any user information, this power is moved back to the users who can choose to share their data (not to be sold) in return for VAD tokens.

Publishers: Through the Varanida Real-Time Bidding Platform, publishers choosing to show verified ads will be granted with VAD tokens and maintain a strategic distance from those exorbitant middleman charges. Publishers will likewise have a peace of mind realising that any of the ads displayed on their website won’t contrarily affect the users’ experience since they have been verified by Varanida already. The publishers can even give further incentive for the users to take part in their content through rewards distributed through VAD tokens.

Advertisers: With no requirement for middleman and ad network fees, advertisers will have a chance to allocate 100% of their budget to what is more important such as their advertising campaigns. The advertisers will have an enhanced outreach to their audience and can benefit by showing exclusive offers and promotions. In this way, the need will move back to quality promotions, instead of quantity promotions. Additionally, it helps advertisers to fight fraud on ad delivery which can represent up to 30% of ads budget.

VAD Tokens – What They Are For and How They Can Benefit You?

Once completely operational, the Verified Ad (VAD) tokens will serve a few key functions as part of the Varanida ecosystem –

  1. Users Benefits – Users can spend VAD tokens on sites to get premium content, open exclusive offers from sponsors, buy items, avail services and reward content designers whose the only source of income has been from advertisers.
  2. Publishers Benefit – Similarly, publishers can reward their audience with VAD tokens to comment on, share and contribute to their content.
  3. Advertisers Benefit – Advertisers will be given the incentive for joining as well as participating in the network with a 50% bonus on any VAD tokens obtained within the first year.
  4. Varanida Reward –  No sooner had the users interacted with ads, sharing their data in an encrypted way, Varanida will reward them with VAD tokens.

The VAD tokens are meant to run on Ethereum blockchain, following the ERC-20 token standard, with their pre-sale propelling in June 2018.

Varanida Token Sale

We are proposing a Token Sale that let the community to truly be involved in setting the goals of Varanida’s Verified Ad Protocol. We believe that in the future more ICO’s will move towards a DAICO model, which is not only possible through blockchain but much more transparent. – Anji Ismail, CEO & CO-Founder of Varanida

The contemplations and choices of Varanida have affected the structure of their token deal, so they are frigid their present Token Sale to give them an opportunity to be truly involved in setting the goals of Varanida’s verified ad protocol. They believe that in the future more ICO will move towards a DAICO model, which is not only possible through blockchain but also much more transparent. In any case, they might want to underline that the Varanida project you have all come to know and love is not changing as they are just restructuring the Token Sale to suit the current ICO landscape. They have faith that these terms are even more ideal to contributors and strengthen their pledge to make Varanida the eventual fate of the digital advertising. In case you have just contributed and willing to get reimbursed, you are allowed to ask for a refund that will mirror the ETH, or BTC sum contributed.

As with the different blockchains supporting high-volume, real-time transaction processing, Varanida’s platform really comprises of two levels:

The slower blockchain, that basically goes about as a changeless settlement stage.

The quicker value-based platform, that handles the advertisements.

This value-based platform additionally makes it easier for Varanida to take a cut of every exchange, a smaller cut than conventional programmatic ad platforms require because of the expanded efficiencies that blockchain conveys today, however more than adequate to put Varanida into the same plan of action camp.