UltrAlpha Announced Strategic Platform Updates and Product Launch Line-up

UltrAlpha (UAT), the comprehensive innovative professional digital asset management service platform, announced strategic platform updates and upcoming exciting key product launch, as it is continuing relentless effort in improving the platform and setting standards for.

UltrAlpha Introduction

UltrAlpha is a professional digital asset management service platform built by a group of seasoned professionals and executives from traditional finance, internet and blockchain industries. It serves both asset managers and potential accredited investors. in the emerging digital asset industry, and has introduced UAT tokens, the platform’s native utility token, for payment and other key functions integrated with platform ecosystem.

Leveraging their well-rounded industry experience especially in the token economics, the team has factored into the core value of supply and demand equilibrium in the token design with several features for longer term token valuation. For example, the  platform recently announced permanent lock-up of 150 million UAT tokens from the pending release portion, hence reducing the total supply of UAT by 30% from 500 million down to 350 million.  So far, the move has been well received by the market.

Major Platform Strategic Updates

With the upcoming platform upgrade release, UltrAlpha will roll out several new features including the industry first “Mining via Subscription” mechanism, i.e “mining” UAT token through selection and subscription process for third-party financial product/ trading strategies.. Through this mechanism,  certain percentage of the capital raised for those products will be given back those users  as UAT tokens. While the mining ratio may vary by product, the supporting lock-up schedule will be released subsequently.

In addition, to further strengthen the toke value,  all the third-party product providers introduced on the platform are required to set aside 10% of monthly profits to purchase UAT from secondary markets.

UltrAlpha is deeply committed to providing a transparent and efficient client-centric service platform to its global client base. Therefore, the platform will institute systematic monitoring and reporting of product managers’ performance and operations with key P&L and risk metrics  readily available through platform.

Exclusive Product Line-up on UltrAlpha

Two industry top-tier teams, Alpha Pro and B-Tech, have confirmed to launch their products exclusively on UltrAlpha service platform.

Alpha Pro trading team specializes financial derivatives trading, quant modeling and trading with solid track record of trading from cash equities, bonds to futures and FX. With core members from top Wall Street firms, the team has served as BitMax’s exclusive designated market maker since the launch, Building upon in-depth trading experience in digital asset trading, the team is planning to provide its core market making and arb strategies to the users on UAT platform.

In comparison to trading-driven product from Alpha Pro, B-Tech is a newly formed blockchain technology incubator fund with major stake from BitMax.io, the industry leading next generation digital asset trading platform, and a NYC-based well connected blockchain VC firm. Its main focus is to identify promising projects at early stage and support the acceleration and development of blockchain projects. The part of its fund raising will be exclusively conducted on UltrAlpha service platform, targeting accredited investors.

Looking forward to Another New Milestone

UltrAlpha has gained increasing market exposure since its launch in early August 2019. Currently, the platform is building up one of the fastest growing communities with active members from different regions. The platform’s innovative token economics and strategic partnership with top-tier digital fund managers not only set out another milestone its progressive path in advancing blockchain industry ecosystem, but also expand digital asset management service and bring more products to its global users.