Top Tips for Investing: Blockchain in Media

There are multiple use cases and business benefits of blockchain and one of the areas that stands to see major implications includes the media sector. The media sector itself spills into the fields of advertising and entertainment and together, they can present a daunting side to the ordinary investor. If you can relate to such a problem, then here are our too tips for you.

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1. Get in Early

The application of blockchain in media and entertainment is still at a very nascent stage. So, it would be a good idea to get in early and start making small investments in ideas and use cases that people are not really taking interest in yet.

As Rebecca Lerner, the EVP of Mad Network said:

“I don’t think we will see a full realization of blockchain for 20 years. I’m just hopeful that regulation doesn’t knock it off before we get started. This will be a really interesting space over the next five years, but the really transformative stuff will take 20 years.”

Thus, there is clearly some time on your hands so look around and invest well.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of the Deep-pocketed Institutional Investors

While there will definitely be a boom in the number of institutional investors thronging the space, experts believe there will be an increase in the relevance of small, retail investors as well.

Blockchain and gaming consultant Mike Pelletier commented on this matter, saying:

“A lot of big companies are working on this now, and it could be less than six months to a year away from all this big money coming in.  I would say it’s smart to get in the water now for the right reason and for the right amount of money. “

Whatever is the amount of money you could spend in Vegas in a year, put that money in Bitcoin and Ethereum and a few others. I think that could end up being a very smart move.”

3. Invest on Blockchain Applications in Advertising

Blockchain can effectively help deal with the problem of trust deficit on the internet, which can be particularly effective in the world of digital advertising.

Experts believe that the application of blockchain in advertising will be big in few years, and it is probably worthwhile to invest in this use case early on.

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4. Get in Before the Regulators Close In

This is a crucial time for the highly decentralized blockchain tech industry.

Regulators are taking increasing interest in the space and we do not know how it will affect the contours of the space, so it’s best to invest small in these use cases before the regulators come in.

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