Best Dogecoin Wallets

Top Dogecoin Wallets in 2019

Dogecoin proved that some memes can make money. What started as a joke on the internet in the year 2013 soon found its way into the top 50 cryptocurrencies. The crypto-world accepted it as an elite among the hundreds of competitors in no time.

If you are wondering which the top Dogecoin wallets in 2019 are, then this is the right place for you. 

But now keeping it safe from hackers appears to be another daunting task as no “safe” is secure enough.

A lot of options are provided to the owner through various platforms which include desktops, smartphones and the conventional method of storing in hardware wallets.

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Now comes the features on which we should focus on while selecting a wallet for our Dogecoins. Every wallet regardless of their interface possess some risks in security or accessibility. So the decision should be taken carefully by analyzing the needs or expectations one has from the provider.

Features of Dogecoin Wallet

Compatibility– Dogecoin needs a wallet that won’t compromise with any of its technical aspects.

User Interface– Purchasing a Dogecoin doesn’t mean one is comfortable with the complex blockchain technology it uses. So the interface of the wallet matters a lot as far as accessibility is concerned. A simple interface will reduce the stress on the Doge-owner.

Secure environment– Cryptocurrencies are known for their secure nature more than anything else, so compromises over this feature should not be accepted under any circumstances. Does it offer two-factor authentication or multi-signature functionality? These are some of the questions you should ask before buying one. Also look out for any breaches the wallet faced regarding security in the past.

Backup options– Losing a coin to hackers is even worse than a stock crash. So look for a wallet that provides a strong backup-restore facility.

Technological advancements– Look into the R&D of the company to know about the strategies they are planning to take to make it safer. The decision to invest is taken considering a long-term commitment. Hence, future prospects of it should be analyzed.

Backend service– A strong customer support team will make sure all your doubts regarding the service is solved in no time. Take reference from independent reviews to decide on the quality of support that is offered to you.

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5 Best Dogecoin Wallets in 2019

1. Ledger NanoS – Hardware wallet

This one looks similar to your USB drive but is designed with high regard for security to keep your coin safe from any anomaly. It stores the private key to your Dogecoin in a secure element which is protected by a pin and is incorporated with a strong backup-restore facility in addition to two-factor authentication provision.

A built-in OLED display with manual buttons and the provision to store more than 20 kinds of cryptocurrencies make it a great product. But its price could let people down as it goes out for $79 which might not be affordable for few.

2. KeepKey-  Hardware wallet

This one lays a lot of emphasis on security features. With the help of hierarchical deterministic (HD) technology, it manages to generate and store unlimited private keys. It uses Shape-shift to exchange between the assets which are present in the device.

This wallet can be accessed from Mac, Linux, PC and Android operating systems. Here too the pricing of the service can be a bit disappointing as it will cost you around $200.

3. Jaxx- Desktop and Mobile Wallet

Known for its incorporation of multiple coins and accessibility from a wide range of devices, Jaxx boasts an interactive user interface and the ShapeShift technology making it a good option.

But its security features took a hit in the past when it lost $400,000 to crypto-theft. Jaxx works on almost all the platforms available.

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4. Coinomi- Mobile Wallet

Coinomi supports more than 190 currencies including Dogecoin. Hierarchical determinism makes storage of private key safer. The exchange between the assets stored is carried out smoothly by ShapeShift.

KYC is not needed to use this wallet which might avoid any disclosure of identities. Unfortunately, the wallet is still under development for the iOS and only the Beta version is available.

5. Dogecoin Wallet- For Desktop and Mobile

Coming from the Dogecoin’s company itself, Dogecoin Wallet is designed specifically for the DOGE and is easy to operate. The interface is easy to navigate through and the synchronization process gets completed within a few minutes. But again the iOS hasn’t developed an app yet to incorporate this.

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