Top Dogecoin Exchanges Of 2019

Dogecoin is quite the flavour of the season and our reasons why you should invest in Dogecoin, might have made you wonder what the top Dogecoin exchanges for 2019 are.

Well, if that is indeed what has been on your mind, worry not, for we have just the list for you.

Read on to know about the major cryptocurrency exchanges you should choose from if you are planning to invest in Dogecoin this year.

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Top Crypto Exchanges For Dogecoin This Year

1. Poloniex:

Poloniex has earlier made it to our list of top cryptocurrency exchanges, and given that it allows users to trade Dogecoin, it is no wonder that it is one of our leading choices in this regard.

Poloniex has always been a leading exchange meant for altcoin trading and it is no wonder that it has become a major exchange to trade Dogecoins on.

The available pairings include Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) although the latter is usually seen to be a more popular option, quite unsurprisingly.

2. Bittrex

Bittrex is also a pretty well-established cryptocurrency exchange. DOGE traders in particular tend to prefer this exchange a lot, leading to quite large volumes.

Like Poloniex, the two main Dogecoin pairings available on Bittrex are also Tether and Bitcoin.

In keeping with with the overall popularity of Bitcoin, Bitcoin seems to be the pairing of choice in this exchange as well.

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3. HitBTC

This is another of the major crypto exchanges that allow users to trade on Dogecoin.

It must be noted that some users shy away from using the HitBTC exchange because its withdrawal fees are often quite high.

The high withdrawal fees may prove to be a deterring, inhibitive factor but this does not mean HitBTC is doing too badly for itself.

One factor that goes in favour of HitBTC is that it has more pairing options available. Besides the usual Tether and Bitcoin, HitBTC allows you to trade Dogecoin in exchange for Ether (ETH) as well. This makes it a good option for users of Ether.


This is another crypto exchange to watch out for if you are planning to trade using Dogecoin.

This exchange has risen in popularity quite steadily over the past year and is expected to do quite well in 2019 as well.

This particular cryptocurrency exchange, like most others, offers pairings of DOGE with USDT and BTC but a slight aberration can be seen in its case.

Here, the trading volume for the USDT pairing has often proved itself to be of greater value than BTC, making in an interesting exception.

5. HB. top

This is a major Dogecoin Cryptocurrency exchange that sees a quite large volume of transactions for DOGE.

Together with, dominates the DOGE trading scene at the moment, according to information sourced from

This exchange offers pairings in BTC, USDT and USDE.


This is another exchange that takes up a rather large chunk of Dogecoin trading volume.

Pairings include USDT, BTC and an unconventional option: QCash (QC). This exchange is rather popular among Dogecoin traders and has managed to take a very large portion of the market share in terms of DOGE trading volumes.

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