Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019

Top Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2019

2018 turned horrible for cryptocurrencies in the end. The bear market had seen over 80% declines for Bitcoin and over 90% for most altcoins.

With that in mind, there’s question today – What can we expect for 2019?

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Predictions for This Year

1. The Bitcoin Bear Market Will Over Soon With New Highs

Market sentiments have changed. Most traders and holders were calling for new all-time highs by the end of 2019 or at least there’ll be an end to the bull market and a push above $10,000.

The bears which were late to the party are now calling for sub $1,000 prices. This is the market psychology in action, which tells us that we are much closer to the end of the bear market now.

As indicated by the prediction, we shouldn’t expect new highs and a resumption of the bull market until early 2021.

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2. Some Altcoins Exceed their Previous All-Time Highs

The market will move back to real projects which are according to the new regulatory rules. Non-ICO projects will do well in this environment.

Drowned out by the money ICOs spent on flashy marketing with little substance via 2017/18, Ubiq has been hard at the work changing their hashing algorithm for protecting their users from the rising threat of 51% attacks.

It will make key improvements to the infrastructure of the ecosystem, and establishing Ubiq as a key contender.

These price plunges are set against the MACD indicator by making higher lows on the regular timeframe.

This is usually another indicator of the price getting ready to make a move higher.

The first obstacle for overcoming is the 200 regular moving average at 9,500 sats, then several resistance lines thereafter.

3. Regulators Target Some Refunding Investors

Regulators are catching up with the slew of ICO projects which were recently launched. The SEC has warned about participants

The SEC has warned about participants running ICOs in the past, and now threatening to unwind many of them.

Recently, celebrities DJ Khalid and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were fined by US Securities and Exchange Commission for not disclosing payments to promote ICO tokens.

High-profile celebrities are easy targets to make an example of, and you can expect to see a few big ICOs instructed to refund investors.

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4. Ethereum Goes PoS

It seems fairly obvious that Ethereum will implement this as soon as humanly possible. They scheduled the Constantinople hard fork in Ethereum for January 16 that will introduce a reduction in the block reward for the miners, who are feeling the squeeze from the bearish market.

5. 51% Attacks Increase on SHA Coins

When Ethereum transitions to Proof of Stake, a lot of hashing power will be freed up from rental services like nicehash.

It will make the price of attacking coins with shared algorithms much easier and cheaper.

According to that, 51% of attacks increasing is high. Coins independent hashing algorithm will also do well as this gives an extra layer of security against these threats.

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