Top Blockchain Stocks To Invest In 2019

If you are new kid on the block when it comes to investments in crypto or blockchain, it is natural to feel confused about where you should put your money.

After all, we all want a bang for our buck and crypto’s performance this past year does not inspire much confidence.

However, that does not mean all hope is lost. You can definitely choose to put your money on blockchain stocks because this technology has found many takers over 2018 and is clearly here to stay.

To start off the New Year on a high note, you may choose to invest in some blockchain stocks instead.

The following are our recommendations, in no particular order, for the best blockchain stocks to invest in for ringing 2019 the right way.

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1. MasterCard Stock

This is hardly a name you would expect on a list of blockchain stocks as MasterCard, by virtue of its area of operations, is in rivalry with the fintech sector.

However, this has clearly not stopped the payments giant from embracing blockchain technology with gusto. In 2017 itself, the company had offered banking institutions a blockchain solution to replace credit cards for handling payments.

It also became the second Fortune 500 company after IBM to start working on improving decentralized payments.

Although MasterCard’s experimentations with blockchain seem to be restricted to the fiat space only for now, it is intriguing to note that the company has applied for a anonymous transactions payment, strangely reminiscent of some characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

2. IBM Stock

It is no secret that IBM is a tech giant to reckon with. Therefore, it hardly came as a surprise when IBM decided to make its foray into the world of blockchain technology.

IBM’s explorations of the blockchain space has moved far beyond cursory recce. The company has gone full throttle in checking out the most prominent and potentially profitable use cases of blockchain.

Be it finance, supply chain, agriculture or healthcare, IBM has made its presence known with blockchain technology’s able support. Its contribution towards building the Hyperledger Fabric is also well known. Recently, IBM also made waves by looking to work with Indian telcos for offering blockchain solutions.

Its TradeLens project, a notable shipping solution, has also met with considerable success. Therefore, IBM would be great to place your bets on in the coming year.

3. Microsoft

This is another mega company that has been making its presence felt rather strongly in the blockchain space. Its Ethereum-based Azure blockchain has already found influential takers, including AT&T and Nasdaq.

Although the Azure blockchain is somewhat dependant on the Ethereum developers for codding decisions, the fact that it is a Microsoft initiative, definitely serves to set it apart.

Clearly, the Microsoft stock would also be a great investment in the blockchain space.

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4. Hitachi Stock

Hitachi is a leading Japanese technology company that has started developing some blockchain-oriented projects.

Its collaboration with Mizuho to develop a blockchain solution for decentralized supply chain management was interesting.

Similarly, they also kickstarted a project to use blockchain for fingerprint verification of retail payments.

This company, having a market cap of $38.5 billion, has been working with blockchain since 2016 and its stock has now come to an exciting position, making it a great investment option.

5. Daimler Stock

Daimler is the company behind Mercedes Benz, the brand of luxury cars people worldwide go crazy for. Their foray into blockchain has been accompanied by experiments with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or AI as well.

Last year, the company launched a blockchain bond of its own called the Schuldschein. The issuance of the MobiCoin Cryptocurrency in March 2018 only served to give it a stronger footing in the world of blockchain stocks.

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