Top Bitcoin Mining Pools

Top Bitcoin Mining Pools of 2018

When selecting a bitcoin mining pool, size matters.

Larger mining pools generally provide more regular payments, higher reward and lower processing fees.

Not only this, they even offer better security than those of upcoming mining pools. Thus, you should know the top bitcoin mining pools of all time. Below is the list of the Top Bitcoin Mining Pools of 2018.

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Top Bitcoin Mining Pools Of The Year

Slush Pool

Operating since 2010, Slush Pool is the first bitcoin mining pool in the world. It has servers distributed across the world. It has a unique voting system that gives every one of its users a voice. Such unique approaches have made Slush one of the most popular bitcoin mining pools in existence.


Standing on the runner up position, Antpool is the second largest bitcoin mining pool. It comes with the myriad range of security options. The polished mobile and unique web interface of Antpool makes it very attractive to inexperience the bitcoin miners searching for their first mining pool to join.


Unlike other bitcoin mining pools, Eligius can be joined without registration. It charges no fees and manages under the CPPSRB reward system at 100% value.

In this mining pool, miners are generally paid directly from the block reward, and this is what makes it highly transparent and unattractive to hackers. is widely known for being the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world. Not only that, it also operates a very popular bitcoin wallet, and a very popular block explorer tool.


ViaBTC is relatively new bitcoin mining pool based in China. The ne bitcoin mining pool has adopted PPS+ as well as PPLNS payment methods keeping its fees as low as is necessary to ensure pool safety and regular maintenance.

The pool is managed by the professional technical team with a great involvement in development and operation of distributed, high-availability, and high-concurrency services.

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The Bottom Line

As there are various bitcoin mining pools offering different services with unique rewards. An option of solo mining may strike in your mind thinking that you can bang complete rewards without sharing it. For that, you should know how bitcoin mining works?

But it’s is highly suggested to join a pool if you are new to the mining world, since they come with many advantages.

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