Top Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool List

Top Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool List

Mining pools are good ways for any small-scale crypto miner to earn a predictable return on their expensive mining rigs.

A lot of small-scale crypto miners wanted to know about the best Bitcoin Cash Mining Pools, so here we are with the list.

Considering a winning protocol takes on the BCH mantle and its pricing recovers, joining a BCH mining pool will let you earn a profit.

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Why Not Begin With The Introduction To BCH Mining?

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin Blockchain on a concept called Proof-of-Work (PoW). Miners compete one another to calculate the complicated algorithms on powerful computers.

In the first place, miners would use standard desktop computer. But, it’s no longer the case now.

At present, all mining of PoW blockchains runs on some specialized devices using custom-designed computers chips known as ASICs.

Even with their own ASIC rigs, miners will always be outclassed by well-financed corporations. The companies build warehouses holding a huge number of mining rigs, and making them more likely to earn block rewards.

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Popular Bitcoin Cash Mining Pools

Bitmain’s Antpool and BTC

Bitmain, a Chinese mining hardware manufacturer, owns both the Antpool and BTC mining pools.

The Antminer, the company’s main product, is an ASIC based machine that is committed to mining PoW cryptocurrencies.

Particularly designed for Bitcoin Cash, Antiminers can process anywhere from 10.5 TH/s up to 28 TH/s, at the prices ranging from $151 to $1475.

As you can probably guess, Bitmain’s Antpool and BTC mining pool only accept incoming connections from the Antminer devices.

CoinGeek and SVPool

Acquired by Bitcoin Cash advocate Calvin Ayres in 2017, CoinGeek endeavors to be a cryptocurrency hub in the same vein as

CoinGeek has its own mining pool operation, that you must request an invitation to join. In October 2018, CoinGeek, in a partnership with Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright, announced the creation of SVPool

SVPool launched with no fees and a PPLNS rate structure. An upgrade in November 2018 added a PPS rate structure. The payouts with SVPool are made every 24 hours with a minimum 0.001 Bitcoin SV payout.

Roger Ver acquired domain back in 2014, and turned it into a central hub for all things cryptocurrency, including cryptocurrency mining.

The mining pool of offers both cloud-based as well as ASIC-based mining options for either BTC or BCH. It uses Bitcoin ABC protocol.

Other Bitcoin Cash Mining Pools

The above listed pools accounted for 90% of pre-fork Bitcoin Cash mining activity. Many small mining pools also served the Bitcoin Cash community.

Over the previous week, they blurred away from the plain sight as the giants fought. When the things settle down, you might need to take a gander at the following alternatives –

  • ViaBTC
  • Waterhole
  • Okminer
  • F2Pool
  • Northern Bitcoin
  • Hashflare
  • BitClub
  • MyCoin Cloud
  • Genesis Mining

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Wrap Up

For those on either side of the Bitcoin Cash wars, the decision of which pool to join was made long ago. If you are wondering whether to join a Bitcoin Cash mining pool now, then you might need to wait until the dust settles.

Low rewards don’t justify the expense of competing, even in a mining pool. For the present, you will be in an idea situation devoting your hardware to mining the bitcoin blockchain.

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