Top 5 Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2019

Cryptocurrencies have survived many ups and downs in their 10-year lifespan, with many analysts and economist predicting its end every now and then. It is still one of the better investment options for many.

So, you have decided to jump on the bandwagon and try your hand at cryptocurrencies. Well, the first thing you would need is a crypto wallet. In this article, we will discuss multi cryptocurrency supporting wallets of 2019, that you can use to save Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins.

Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of currencies which are just a bunch of codes, so in order to save these special kinds of currencies, you would require a digital wallet compatible with your digital asset as well.

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What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets act just like your bank account minus the physical paper currencies. You can use this wallet to store, send and receive digital money.

Now, just like standard wallets, there are no preset rules or guidance on which wallet is the safest or best for your crypto. However, there are a few brands which have established themselves as the leaders in digital wallets.

In this article, I will talk about some of the top digital wallets which supports multiple digital currencies and you can use the same as a universal crypto wallet.

Since cryptos are the digital form, you can save the currency like any other media file on your computer. Your Private key is the main factor which keeps your digital asset safe from falling in the wrong hands. These digital wallets also help you manage your Public Key and provide a seed key for recovery.

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Wallets With Multiple Asset Support

1. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is one of the most trusted digital wallets available in the market which helps you save a number of cryptocurrencies, apart from Bitcoin. The wallet looks just like a USB stick and can store around 30 cryptocurrencies at the same time.

Being a hardware wallet gives it an edge over other forms and it provides various functionality like managing your private keys, seed key for recovery and PIN code recovery functionalities.

It is considered to be the safest digital wallet available, with hack-proof and malware free design. If you have been in the crypto realm, you must be aware of the wallet and its features. So, if you are looking for the safest bet, Ledger Nano S is the answer.

2. Ledger Blue

Ledger Blue hardware wallet comes from the makers of most trusted LEdger Nano S, and it is often considered to be the best and most secure hardware digital wallets available in the market.

Its top security features, Bluetooth options and rechargeable battery gave it the name, “Rolls Royce of Digital Hardware wallets.”

It looks like a mini-iPad, or a small tablet mainly designed for the entertainment purpose apart from providing storing support for multiple cryptocurrencies. The only drawback is its cost, as it comes in as a full package, but if you are in the game for long and know that cryptos are the future, the wallet is worth the investment.

It supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies including  Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, ARK, Stratis, NEO and many more.


Another secure option for safeguarding your digital asset, KeepPay provide multiple cryptocurrency support which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, and Namecoin.

The company behind the wallet claims it to be free from any kind of malware or virus and also hacker proof. The wallet can integrate with our computer with the software that came along and helps you save our private keys.

Since the prices are comparatively lower than the Ledger series of hardware wallets, it’s one of the most sought after options for the users.

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4. Jaxx

Jaxx is a relatively new wallet, but its top security features and cheaper price point make it one of the better proposition. Jaxx currently provides support for seven cryptocurrencies including,

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and REP. 

Jaxx gives you complete control over your digital assets with desktop and mobile compatibility. It also has many attractive features such as converting one cryptocurrency into another. Currently, you can convert Bitcoin, Ethereum and DAO.

It has been labelled as one of the best digital wallets with multiple compatibility options like the desktop app, iOS app, android app, and even a chrome extension.

5. Trezor

Trezor has made its name among the most secure Bitcoin hardware wallet available in the market. It is fundamentally a Bitcoin wallet but provides support for other 14 cryptocurrencies as well.

Trezor provide some of the top of the line security features like the PIN options and a seed key for recovering your account in case it gets stolen or you lose it. The trezor wallet follows a no-nonsense approach and whenever your Trezor USB device is not connected with a device it remains switched off.

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