Top 5 Most Private Coins of 2019

If you have ever wondered about what will be the top 5 most private cryptocurrencies of 2019, look no further for we have all the answers you need.

Privacy cryptocurrencies, or crypto coins that protect the private identity and data of the users, much more discreetly than is the case with the older crypto coins such as the Bitcoin (BTC).

Now, usually, what sets these privacy cryptocurrencies apart from the usual crypto coins is the fact that they are fungible. What is fungibility, you ask?

Well, fungibility is the quality by which these cryptocurrencies ensure their units are interchangeable with one another. As the transactions on these are anonymous, each unit remains as good as new.

The following are the most private coins of 2019:

1. Monero

Monero (XMR) is perhaps the best known privacy crypto coin in the crypto market. It is also one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the market as it occupies the 13th position in the list of cryptocurrencies from top to bottom depending on the market capitalisation.

By making use of features such as ring signatures and employing stealth addresses, Monero is highly capable in fulfilling your privacy needs as a crypto user.

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2. Dash

Dash (DASH), which was named simply as an amalgamation of the words “Digital” and “Cash”, is a privacy coin that closely tails Monero in the list of cryptocurrencies as per market cap. It is ranked 15 in the market by that metric.

This coin makes use of a tactic called PrivateSend to make all its transactions completely anonymous.

DASH has been seeing increasing levels of adoption of late. Of the most notable examples, the instance of KFC Venezuela beginning to accept DASH is a key one. Moreover, its remarkable partnerships, like the one with payments gateway ePaymints, have also enhanced its value.

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3. ZCash

ZCash (ZEC) is also a reasonably popular privacy coin that finds itself in the top 25 list, at the 21st position as per market cap.

Using the Zero Knowledge Proof system, it ensures the obfuscation of the transactions, keeping it absolutely private.

This is what gives ZCash its crucial feature of fungibility and makes it a leading privacy coin in the market.

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4. Verge

Verge (XVG) is the next most well-known privacy cryptocurrency in the market, placed at the 46th position in the crypto market.

This coin makes use of the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) and the The Onion Router or TOR to protect the privacy of its users’ transactions, making it anonymous and private in nature.

5. Komodo

The Komodo (KMD) cryptocurrency is a privacy coin placed at the 56th position in the crypto market as per market cap.

This crypto coin makes use of the usual tools of anonymising the transactions and also uses a delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism to make the process of mining more democratic and secure.

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