Top 5 Monero Mining Pools of 2018

Monero, the popular cryptocurrency in the market, is currently ranked at number 13, worldwide.

The cryptocurrency has had a year full of ups and downs but is currently stable and seeing slight gains.

There is a total availibility of 18.4 million Monero in the market, and out of that 16.7 million has already been mined, since the genesis of the cryptocurrency back in 2014.

This essentially means that 90% Of Monero Has Already Been Mined.

It is however, a very popular cryptocurrency choice for miners.

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So here are the top 10 mining pools of Monero:


Minergate is a notable mining platform and is considered one of the top mining pools for Monero.

It ensures a 99.7 percent uptime and has a minimum payout of .01 XMR. It has a minimal fee of just one percent and it also supports web mining.

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Monero Hash

Started in October 2014, this platform has emerged as an ideal mining pool for Monero. It finds blocks every 120 minutes and charges 1.6 percent fee.

It offers features like DDoS protection, Integrated address support, SSL/TLS encryption and IPv6 support. It additionally lets one mine Monero, right into their exchange wallets.

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Monero Crypto Pool FR

This platform finds a block for you every seven hours and is one of the most reliable platforms around.

It charges a fee of two percent, which albeit is higher than most of the pools out there. However, it offer servers in France, which guarantees increased security and a stable connection.

Along with that, it has 13.51 MH/s hash power, which is not bad.

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One can find a block every 45 minutes on an average, on this platform. It has a minimum payout of .004 XMR only.

It charges only one percent pool fee and worlwide servers, some of which work even during downtime. The platform boasts of over 25,000 active miners and is quite popular among those looking to mine Monero.

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This platform offers options to mine Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum.

It has a low fee of just one percent and it also enables receiving payments several times a day. The community already has more than 6,500 XMR active miners on the platform.

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