Dogecoin Mining Pools

Top 5 Dogecoin Mining Pools of 2019

Initially, money making with digital currencies than trading is not the only option. Mining is also an option to generate some handsome reward.

Recently, there were lots of talks about making money with Dogecoin mining. Thus, we have come up with the top Dogecoin mining pools of 2019 just for your assistance.

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List of Top 5 Dogecoin Mining Pools

Here, we present you the complete guide about the best Dogecoin Mining Pools of 2019. They are all profitable, yet the choice is yours.

1. Aikapool

Aikapool is the first Dogecoin mining pool with 100 active miners on it. Not only this, it even offers you more than 14 other Scrypt coins.

If you wish to change to the other scrypt algorithms, then Dogecoin brings you 10 other algorithms which you can mine on Aikapool

Once you have registered for this mining pool, you will get all the available currencies. What is even more special about this mining pool is that it gives constant updates to the list of available digital currencies.

Aikapool miners are rewarded on a PROP system, and there is no risk to the pool operator at all.

2. Litecoinpool

The next Dogecoin mining pool, Litecoinpool is the perfect choice for those who are in the search of meted mining.

The pool uses a reward system that is transparent and pays you according to the PPS (Pay-per-share) rate.

This Dogecoin mining pool has a reputation as it is in the race in the year 2014. Well, both its security as well as scalability have attracted adequate miners, that company claims to be the first LTC pool protecting its miners with TLS-encrypted Stratum connections.

3. 1CoinPool

1CoinPool primarily operates two mining pools including Litecoin Pool and Dogecoin Pool. This mining pool is highly secured allowing anyone to start mining.

According to the information, the company mine three blocks per week, using proportional payout system that suggests that you are proportionally rewarded in accordance with your hashing power.

The best part of this Dogecoin mining pool is that the coins rewarded are automatically deposited into the wallet.

4. Multipool

This Dogecoin mining pool offers pool mining on a variety of cryptocurrencies. There are other Scrypt mining options such as Litecoin and Verge, and it pays out in DOGE.

When using this mining pool, you don’t need to pay any withdrawal fees when the minimum thresholds are met.

Another significant advantage of using Multipool is that it is supported for merged mining, meaning that you can mine both Litecoin and Dogecoin simultaneously without losing hashing power.

Also, it offers you to mine more than 29 digital currencies, all with different algorithms. It is highly secure, and the supporting cast of this pool is absolutely amazing.

5. Prohashing

Founded in December 2013, Prohashing mining pool is one of the most popular Skipped mining pool that offers its users with an ability to mine various altcoins.

The Prohashing miners can receive their reward in any digital currency of their choice, provided that is available on the list of Payout coins. Of course, you will surely receive the rewards in Dogecoin.

This Dogecoin mining pool is quite stable, transparent and easy to use.

Dogecoin Mining Pool: Conclusion

All the Dogecoin mining pools mentioned above give you two outstanding options and two smaller options.

Furthermore, transaction fees are minimal to non-existent at each, though, the payment system may vary.

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