Top 5 Crypto and Blockchain Books To Read

The fields of crypto and blockchain technology are growing incredibly fast and there is no dearth of information about these technological feats online. But there are a fair number of well-researched books on these fast-growing field as well. Since these books are written by experts in the fields, they often contain useful insights into these technologies. Let’s have a look at the top 5 books on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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1. Digital Gold

This book, written by longtime crypto journalist and commentator Nathaniel Popper, explores the contours of these two interconnected industries with an astute analytical eye.

A New York Times reporter, Popper had access to the top personalities of crypto and blockchain firms and he writes about his interviews with these people, commenting on the evolution of the crypto industry right from the time of its inception with Satoshi Nakamoto‘s Bitcoin.

2. Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain technology has frequently been hailed as revolutionary and that is the notion that authors Dan Tapscott and his son Alex explore in this work.

They go into technical details of the technology and discuss how it can serve the needs of future financial transactions, alongside other use cases.

This is a seminal work evaluating ongoing blockchain projects with clear insights into them.

3. Blockchain Basics

Written by David Drescher, this book is meant for those who are absolutely new to the world of blockchain.

Explained clearly and simply with the help of illustrations and charts, blockchain technology becomes truly easy to understand with this book.

Even a person with no programming knowledge can pick up this book and read it to know more about this wonderful technology.

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4. The Bitcoin Standard

This is a book about the pioneering cryptocurrency written by the economist Saifedean Ammous.

With the author’s personal expertise serving as the backdrop, the book discusses the repercussions of Bitcoin’s growth in terms of trade, culture, financial services etc.

5. Cryptoassets

This book is a more practical guide to the tricky world of Bitcoin investments and cryptocurrency trading. Written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, it provides investors with a very useful handbook for navigating the murky waters of the crypto world.

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