Top 5 Blockchain Companies of 2019

Blockchain technology has been making waves in the tech scene for a while now and for good reason. It is a stellar form of decentralized technology that helps connect people and store data that is accountable, transparent and immutable. There is little to not love in blockchain, to be honest. So it is no wonder that many companies have sprung up all around the world to work solely on this technology. Of those, let us take a look at the top 5 blockchain companies of 2019.

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Blockchain companies include a very large number of startups led by young, talented individuals, while also having some established names from the same tech scene too.

In this list, we will have a look, in no particular order, at the top 5 of all of them combined. We will be including blockchain companies of every kind in this set.


IBM is a tech world big-shot that has managed to find its footing in the field of blockchain as well.

It has been building major blockchain solutions to support multiple use cases and has also been working quite closely with Stellar. Its shipping solutions using blockchain are usually quite well-known in the field of blockchain use.

Despite mostly working on private, permissioned networks, IBM manages to have a rather substantial impact on the field of blockchain owing to the immense clout and resources it brings in.


OpenLedger is essentially a decentralized crypto exchange built on top of the BitShares blockchain. This blockchain-based platform is known for its extremely low fees and highly advanced security encryption.

Known for its highly efficient exchange system as well as its robustly safe wallet, OpenLedger has managed to make quite a name for itself.


This is a hardcore blockchain-based company that works primarily in the area of developing custom software.

What it does is it provides solutions that helps its clients bring together the business benefits of blockchain with the ordinary day-to-day operational needs of business. It also offers consultation services, and works for crypto wallet development, running of ICO campaigns, implementation of smart contracts etc.

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 Blockhangers AS

This is a Norwegian company that works on blockchain awareness and development quite diligently.

This particular firm is heavily involved in working with both private sector as well as public sector firms tor the purpose of spreading knowledge regarding blockchain.

They are also quite active in the field of hosting lectures, workshops and consultancy services. More importantly, they are capable of providing blockchain development services to clients as well.


The ABES Lab is a blockchain research company that helps develop new perspectives and strategies with regard to the use of blockchain. Considering that blockchain is such a new technology, it definitely has a long way to go in terms of innovations and this firm from Philadelphia is playing its part in it quite effectively.

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