Top 10 Web Wallets For Cryptocurrencies in 2019

It is not always possible to shell out the big bucks to store your cryptocurrencies in robustly secure hardware wallets. When you have to fall back on web wallets for crypto, you must know how to choose the best. For that reason, we will provide you with a list of the top 10 web wallets for cryptocurrencies in 2019:

1. Coinomi

The Coinomi wallet is an easy-to-use web wallet option where you don’t have to burn your hole into your pocket for safe storage.

Its security features are quite reliable and the wallet itself has a very smooth interface that is really convenient for new crypto users.

While we would not recommend this wallet for storing all your holdings at a go, it is definitely a good option for small holdings.

2. MetaMask

MetaMask is a web wallet that functions as an extension. The extension doubles as a web wallet as well as an Ethereum browser.

If you are someone that does not just need to store cryptocurrencies but also needs to access dApps (decentralized applications) or blockchain smart contracts, this is the web wallet for you.

With constant seed word generation, this wallet keeps you constantly updated.

3. Cryptonator

Cryptonator is an online wallet that provides instant exchange between cryptocurrencies all day every day. It provides support for about 17 cryptocurrencies and already has 1 million active users who have placed their trust in this wallet.

This wallet has managed to process over 80 million transactions which goes on to show how trusted and popular it really is.

4. is a great web-based multi-cryptocurrency wallet meant for more than 30 crypto coin options, obviously including top ones like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The web wallet is also available as an iOs (Apple) app on the app store or Android app on the play store. It promises a high level of security for the users by providing a multi-sig verification system.

It also uses a 2FA (two factor authentication) for the crypto coins and provides pin-based security as well. Moreover, for the mobile apps, it heightens security by allowing for fingerprint usage.

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5. Xapo

Xapo is an extremely well-known web wallet for crypto users, leading the Wall Street Journal to dub it the “Fort Knox of Bitcoin”.

This wallet allows users to store, buy and sell Bitcoins on the internet. They offer a special “Vault” storage and users are given access to a special debit card.

This debit card can then be used in Bitcoin ATMs. Not only is it free, easy-to-use and extremely secure, but it is also extremely convenient for mobiles users. Mobile users can easily use Xapo’s android and iOs apps for use everywhere.

6. Copay

This is another great web wallet that is also open source in terms of its code. You can make multiple cryptocurrency wallets on this site and store a variety of crypto coins.

The multi signature security system will keep your crypto coins safe and the fact that it can be used on Android, iOs, Windows, Mac and Linux will give you sufficient flexibility in terms of storing your cryptocurrencies.

7. BitGo

When a top crypto exchange like Kraken uses a storage solution, you know it must be good. BitGo is that wallet, used by Kraken and Bitstamp.

It is a HD crypto web wallet that is extremely secure because it has a 2FA (two factor authentication) system in place, alongside a multi-sig verification process.

8. GreenAddress

GreenAddress is a great web-based crypto wallet as it ensures security in a novel way: by using a “2-of-2 signatures” system.

Moreover, it also allows users a watch-only login mode. In this mode, you can access and view your account balance and other details without making the account vulnerable to a public WiFi or hackers’s prying eyes.

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9. Coinbase

Coinbase is a well-known crypto exchange so it is no wonder that its crypto wallet is widely trusted and relied upon. This web-based wallet has app versions for both iOs and Android.

Moreover, the fees are minimal and the security track record of Coinbase wallet is absolutely excellent.

10. Coin. Space

We are ending the list with a wallet that is absolutely free yet secure and accessible.

This web-based wallet also has easily available app versions and is good for storing small crypto holdings.

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