Top 10 Companies Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Have you ever wondered which are the top 10 companies that accept Bitcoin payments? If yes, this is where we tell you all about. If not, this is something you must add to your knowledge bank.

Everyone who has any clue what a cryptocurrency is, knows that Bitcoin is the a crowning glory of all cryptocurrencies, being the first and the largest in this market. However, the question remains: where can you really use your Bitcoins to buy and sell real, material things?

Well, the top 10 companies that accept Bitcoin payments are listed as follows and hopefully, you will now have plenty of avenues to spend your Bitcoins in.

1. is an e-commerce site that started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment pretty early on, in January 2014. Now, it has added several other crypto options such as Monero, Litecoin etc. to its roster.

Customers can use their crypto coins to purchase anything from clothes to home appliances to furniture on this website.

2. EGifter

This is a great site because it allows you to use Bitcoin and buy gift coupons to stores like Sephora, Home Depot or Amazon that don’t directly accept Bitcoin.

EGifter has even partnered with top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase for accepting Bitcoin payments.

3. Newegg

If you are a gadget enthusiast as well as a crypto hoarder, this is the place for you. This site allows you to purchase gadgets, by using Bitcoins to pay for them.

Newegg’s partner for processing the Bitcoin payments is BitPay, making it a reliable company to go for.

4. Microsoft

This tech major placed its faith in Bitcoin long back, in 2014. Although you cannot buy anything directly from the online store of Microsoft using Bitcoins, you can deposit the relevant amount of Bitcoins into your Microsoft account.

Then, you can easily use that amount to purchase games, XBox Apps, movies etc.

5. Expedia is a great option for those who are both travel freaks and cryptoheads. Here, you can use your Bitcoins to make your travel bookings.

This site too has been handling Bitcoin payments since 2014, which indicates that it is quite ad PT and experienced in doing so. What’s more, it has also partnered with the Coinbase exchange for the payment processing.

6. PayPal

PayPal might not let you easily buy Bitcoin with it, but it does accept Bitcoin to be added.

Therefore, by transferring your Bitcoin funds to PayPal and then using it to buy any product of your choice, you can put your crypto to good use.

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7. Shopify

This is another e-commerce site that started accepting crypto pretty early on. This site allows you to purchase products of your choice from the site directly and more.

Besides the site itself, you can even purchase indirectly from popular sites such as eBay or Etsy using Shopify.

8. Virgin Galactic

This space travel company owned by Sir Richard Branson also accepts Bitcoin as its payment. So if you are a crypto billionaire interested in space travel, this is the company to choose.

9. Dish Network

Dish Network is a popular service provider for both satellite television as well as internet. It is the first subscription-based business that provides the uses with the option to use Bitcoin to pay.

10. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an insanely popular online encyclopedia and we all know that. What you may not know is that the company accepts payments from its willing patrons via Bitcoins.

If you want to contribute funds to Wikipedia and you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them to do so.

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