Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Software For 2019

For Bitcoin miners, a good mining software is of paramount importance and to that end, our list of top 10 Bitcoin mining software should give you a good pool of options to choose from.

With many experts hoping that Bitcoin will see a bull run, you may be planning to make a pretty penny for yourself by mining. And if you know how Bitcoin mining works, you would know that having a good mining software is a must.

Let’s have a look at the software options that made it to the top 10:


CGMiner is a well-known mining software that has managed to sustain its popularity over the years it has been in the market.

It has a robust community support network, which is a boon for new miners and is quite feature-rich.

To make matters easier, this miner functions well with multiple operating system options: Windows, Linux and MAC OS X. It also has compatibility with two kinds of hardware options: FPGA and ASIC.

On-the-fly management of settings and scalability in the networking scheduled (for scaling hash rates as per requirement with minimal delay) are only some of the features that make it the winner it is.

Hexfury, Cointerra, Black arrow and Minion are just some of the hardware options it is compatible with.

2. MultiMiner

For many beginners, command-line oriented mining options may be quite difficult.

To that end, MultiMiner is useful. It is quite user-friendly and is known to be compatible with multiple operating systems just like the CGMiner as well as FGPA and ASIC hardware offerings.

It also allows you to switch from mining Bitcoin to other coins, like Litecoin, for example.

Its list of compatible hardware is rather long, including HashBuster Micro, Block Erupter and BFL/Bitforce.

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3. BFGMiner

For many seasoned miners out there, customization is the key to good mining. BFGMiner meets that very need with élan.

It is again compatible with varied operating system options as well as hardware categories. Most important, it allows for a dynamic feature which you can use to control the clocking.

In addition, you can monitor the process via a remote interface as well. Besides FPGA and ASIC options, it also supports Scrypt devices.

List of hardware it is compatible with includes DrillBit Thumb and Eight, GAW War Machine, Twinfury USB Stick etc.

4. BitMinter

This is another option that strikes off a crucial step from your mining requirements list: finding a good mining pool. It comes ready with a mining pool of its own that is quite reliable by itself.

It supports primarily ASIC-based hardware and it is a cross-platform option to go with. Its GUI is known to be incredibly user-friendly.

It supports many hardware options, including Antminer U1/U2, Chili and Block Erupter USB.

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5. Miner-Server

In recent times, cloud mining has become quite an attractive option for many, because buying all the hefty and expensive equipments required for mining can be quite a chore. In that regard, a good cloud mining solution can be Miner Server.

On Miner Server, you can choose paid packages in keeping with your time and hash power requirements.

What is interesting is that it also allows you to earn bonus hash power through a simple referral scheme.

6. EasyMiner

For all Windows OS users, this is quite a great option to go for. EasyMiner has an extremely easy-to-use GUI.

In addition, it is an open-sourced option that allows you to mine more than just Bitcoin as it supports several other cryptocurrencies.

It has modes like “Moneymaker” and “Solo” that allow the users great flexibility in choosing how they want to conduct their mining process.

7. AwesomeMiner

AwesomeMiner, quite aptly named, is a great option for mining pros who are looking for a centralized mining management solution to handle their multiple rigs and work with a whole range of software and hardware options.

Several different hardware devices as well as mining algorithms can be monitored from a central dashboard, ensuring great convenience for the user.

8. BitcoinMiner

Quite simply named, this miner is a decent option to go for if you are using Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

A profit savings report feature, power saving mode, quick share submission and mining pool are all aspects that make it a very convenient mining software for users with limited needs.

9. BTCMiner

This is a Bitcoin mining software which is an open source option with quite a few interesting features.

Perhaps the most important feature it boasts of is the dynamic frequency scaling option, where it chooses the mining frequency rate based upon the valid hash rates available at that point.

10. RPC Miner

For all Apple users, RPC Miner is a moderately popular mining software to go for.

It offers most standard features and is compatible with MAC OS 10.6 or higher options. It is a pool miner client.

Now that you know about all the top Bitcoin mining software, pair it up with one of the top Bitcoin mining pools of 2018, as we took stock at the end of the recently concluded year.

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