Sweetbit: The Bitcandy Vending Machine

A cryptocurrency enthusiast has executed another idea that we all probably had somewhere in our heads: Candy!

David Knezić has created a candy dispenser that lets you buy candy with Bitcoin and he calls it Sweetbit. Sweetbit works by listening for incoming Bitcoin transactions through blockchain.info and dispenses an equivalent amount of candies. The dispenser is supported by Arduino Micro, a micro-controller which allows the device to be controlled through USB.

Knezić has created the device to prove to the world how easy it is to integrate Bitcoin payments into daily life. He has even made the code public on Github.

Watch as David makes his device work

Yet, it is still not practically favourable to use Bitcoin for smaller payments, with the high transaction fees and the slow process, out of which you can only get rid of one at a time. For that, Knezić says he is working on another device that will be powered by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) instead.

Lighting Network, if and when it finally materialises, will take Bitcoin to another level of scalability. The network is supposed to be a layer on the present Blockchain that will allow for faster and cheaper transactions.

With increased implementation of the soft fork Segwit, Bitcoin is already experiencing reduced transaction fees. With further implementation of Lightning Network, Bitcoin will likely become suitable to be used like regular money for everyday transactions, like buying candies.