Popular Dogecoin Exchanges To Trade in 2019

Dogecoin, the parody turned digital asset has a very interesting uprise in the cryptocurrency realm. The altcoin came into the public domain in 2013 as a meme or a parody for the ever increasing attention towards cryptocurrencies. The token for Dogecoin Is called DOGE. in this article, we will look into popular dogecoin exchanges to trade in 2019.

In its earlier days, Dogecoin was used as the payment for the interesting and engaging content provider through bots. However, the power of memes proved t/o be a crucial factor in making the DOGE currency a hit among the crypto enthusiast, and it currently holds a market valuation of  $289,574,488 USD.

The Altcoin even touched a valuation of $2 Billion at its peak and surprised everyone by making into top 30 cryptocurrencies. Currently trading at $0.002301, and with no limit on its supply, the altcoin can prove to be your stepping stone into the crypto realm.

If you are a crypto enthusiast and want to invest some money into the currency of future with a limited budget, DOGE can prove to be a good investment. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a hefty price tag, so people with limited capital might feel it tough to go for major cryptocurrencies. In the next section, I would list some of the major Exchanges which you can look up to for trading your Dogecoin in 2019.

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Top 5 Dogecoin Exchanges to Buy and Trade your DOGE in 2019


Poloniex is one of the finest exchanges to trade your DOGEcoin, as it provides the option to trade your Dogecoin against Bitcoin as well as Tether or USDT. It was considered to be a hub for most of the altcoins trading, however, in the last year and a half, things have changed but it is still one of the security options to trade your Dogecoins.


Bittrex might not have a trading volume as high as let’s say Binance, but it still serves as one of the finest Exchange for trading your Dogecoin. You can exchange your DOGE assets against BTC or USDT.


HitBTC Exchange allows its user to trade their DOGEcoin against BTC, USDT, and ETH. Although the exchange is not one of the most popular, it has proven to generate good trade volume for the DOGEcoin, of course nowhere near the Bitcoin popularity but still a good viable option for trading in 2019.


Gate.IO has gained some popularity in recent times for being one of the better exchanges for Dogecoin and provide the option to trade in BTC and USDT. It is one of the few exchanges where the trading volume of USDT is more than that of BTC.

ZB.COM is one of the finest exchanges for trading your Dogecoin and it currently amounts to 40% of the total volume. The exchange allows its user to trade their Dogecoin against the BTC as well as USDT.

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Dogecoin has surpassed everyone’s expectation to become a digital entity from being a meme and a parody. However, how long does it continue to shine,  only time would tell will. The great thing about the Dogecoin is that it is backed by the community rather than a set of people, as the founders opted out to make it truly decentralized.

The development community behind the altcoin is focusing on making the Dogecoin more scalable and useful. So, Dogecoin can prove to be one of the better cryptocurrencies following the principle of true decentralization.

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