Phil Anderson Has Faith In Crypto and Blockchain Tech

BTC Wires: Phil Anderson, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, is currently involved in the campaign for governor. His platform, Anderson Baird portrays libertarian ideals, which include economic freedom, educational choice and criminal justice reforms. On the other hand, he has a strong faith in the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which is quite interesting as it provides a fresh and positive political edge to the crypto world amidst mixed reaction of cryptocurrency and its acceptances around the globe.

In the previous week, a donation portal was launched using Bitpay as part of his campaign on its official website. Bitpay is a global bitcoin payment service provider. Both the natives of the Wisconsin and people around the globe could donate bitcoin or bitcoin cash through the donation portal.   

As per the statement given by Anderson, people, in general, were quite enthusiastic about the donation of bitcoins. However, Wisconsin Ethics Commission was quite quick to bring the enthusiasm down, highlighting the fact that state statute allows donation of money and tangible assets and there is no provision for a donation of an intangible asset such as cryptocurrency. In order to clarify the issue, Anderson had sent the commission a letter enquiring about the legality of cryptocurrency donation campaign. The hearing was held to bring some clarity in the scheme of things but with the complexity of the matter(cryptocurrency) at hand, things remained unchanged.

Since the launch of the portal, Anderson’s campaign has received small bitcoin donations of around $40. Anderson expects that with the exposure, the volume and value of bitcoin donations would scale up. Also, he feels that with the availability of secured transactions through Bitpay there would fewer interventions for donation in the near future.​

Besides the bitcoin contribution campaign, he also threw light on the advantages of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He further stated that, if elected he would formulate a system through which the general public could use cryptocurrency as a payment method. He further expressed his desire of curbing unwanted government regulations with respect to the trading of cryptocurrency.

It is quite natural that libertarian party backs blockchain project as it goes in sync with the party ideals. Thus, it would only be fair to state that Anderson’s campaign aligns with the path of political and financial liberty.