OPEN platform collaborates with University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering To Set Up An R&D arm

BTC Wires: OPEN Blockchain Innovation Labs (BIL), an R&D orientated arm of the OPEN platform, has now announced a research collaboration with the Viterbi School of Engineering, affiliated by the prestigious University of Southern California. The platform has stated that this would be the first of several such University partnerships that they have planned, with an aim to make more breakthroughs and progress in the field of Blockchain.

OPEN have stated that they are now ready to begin special collaborations for specific projects that they have been working on. BIL has also promised funding to the universities like USC in order to open up more dialogue between the students and the faculty, which could ultimately lead to more technological advancements in the scope of industry-related issues.

With a background of collaborations with organisations like Blockchain Research Institute, this new project serves to strengthen OPEN’s protocol chain that is in development. BIL is working in several new breakthroughs in the field, like cross-chain atomic swaps, data protocols, and a lot of other new and upcoming ideas.

The platform believes that universities and their research facilities are key to advancements and innovations in the field of crypto-technology. The progress of the payments sector, breakthroughs in the development of protocols, all ideas would progress this way.

BIL has consistently been trying to acquire the best minds in the industry to collaborate and therefore catalyze progress in the crypto-industry. OPEN has plans on revealing more such collaborations very soon.