World Blockchain Summit Dubai

October 2018 World Blockchain Summit Dubai Report

Connecting the global blockchain experts and influencers with emerging startups and investors, Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit took place in Dubai on October 24 and October 25, 2018. The event, which is a part of global series, welcomed blockchain’s elite squad of speakers, each one with their special area of expertise and knowledge concerning blockchain.

The aim of the summit was to unify the technology players as well as experts in the blockchain sphere. The list included upcoming startups with participants coming from different industries. The event was about witnessing the participants from numerous businesses, keen investors, entrepreneurs in the tech arena and the blockchain developers.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai was the place where the summit was organized with great pomp and show. Fortunately, everything was very well and people were happy to attend the event.

There were many speakers at the event including the founder CEO of Ztudium ‘Dinis Guarda’, Zap founder ‘Nick Spanos’, and many others. Of course, they all shared their part focusing on blockchain technology. They all spoke wonderfully.

Dinis Guarda spoke about the present and the future of Blockchain and AI. And you know what? He got a lot of appreciation for his views on the topic.

Dinis Guarda’s Views On How To Overcome Barriers To Blockchain Adoption

Though Guarda spoke a lot about these barriers, yet there were some key elements to remember. According to him, the barriers to blockchain adoption can be overcome by,

1. Increasing the transaction speeds, standards and interoperability
2. Easy implementation
3. Enhancing technical feasibility
4. Expansion and regulatory advancements of consortia
5. Helping broaden the applicability of the technology to a greater number of use cases and industries

As a part of the event, the World Blockchain Summit housed two panels, investors and government respectively. The government panel brought together the leading global representative from governments throughout the world for the discussion over various applications as well as limitations of blockchain technology for the government operations. The saw the engaging debates about the real-world blockchain strategies in public sectors like Education, Healthcare and Transportation.

BTC Wires was fortunate to cover this event. The event was full of entrepreneurs where they shared their part considering the future of blockchain. Even we got a chance to interact with such business-centric minds and utilize that knowledge into something creative.