Music Streaming Service Changing B2B Demographics On Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been at the core of discussions for quite some time now. where major tech firms, supply-demand chains, Quality control services have been testing various pilot projects to check the viability of the technology and it’s use cases. However, Moozicore has come up with a full-fledged music streaming service based on blockchain and aimed at the B2B sector, with customers at the center of their business model.

Moozicore streaming services take on the needs of millions of business venues around the globe where background music plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy business-customer relationship, be it gym, bars, restaurants, hotels and numerous business venues where music plays an important part to maintain and lure customers. In the US itself there are over a million business venues with the need for such services. Thus, Moozicore aims to disrupt this widely scattered and untapped industry.

How Moozicore Aims To Take on Background Music Needs Of These Business Venues

Moozicore while caters directly to these businesses with a playlist of millions of licensed songs from different genres which they can use legally to play at their venues. Customers become the real beneficiary as they get the true democratic power to choose the kind of music which would be played at these venues. Customers can use the Moozicore application and use it at their favorite bars, restaurant to vote for the next track to be played at that venue.

If the song is not available in the playlist, they can request for the song, which the firm promises to add in a matter of days. The application connect the user directly to the venue and let them democratically control the vibe of the place. It also notifies them of different venues where their choice of music is being played.

Suppose you have mentioned the song which you would like to be played at your favorite club, and you are out on a jog or just an evening walk and passes through a cafeteria or bar, the app will notify you if your taste of music is available at the venue nearby. So even though the services are meant for B2B dealings, customers are the ones with all the choices. As not only they can choose and vote for the song they want but also import their personal music playlist from other streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

One must also note that Moozicore is not competing with the likes of Apple Music or Spotify or any other B2C form music streaming service since they are working on B2B model, where they cater to businesses directly and the customers of these businesses indirectly.

Moozicore Knows the Legal Complexities of Music Streaming Business and Well Prepared For It

The music industry is quite complex with loads of legal anomalies,, and copyright issues. Since most of us can simply use our favorite streaming service to listen to our favorite songs, the complexity might not strike us as it is. But, Moozicore who acts as an all-in-one vendor for the needs of various businesses are well versed with it. This is the reason they have got Jason Boyarski, a top-rated music and entertainment industry lawyer on board.

Boyarski is the poster boy of lawyers when it comes to managing legal affairs in the music industry. He has quite a resume to boast of with experience of working with the top singers and songwriters in the industry. The client list range from legendary Prince whom he helped in inking a distribution deal with Sony, and also managed the likes of Bruno Mars and Post Malone to name a few.

The top-rated lawyers will be handling different legal affairs of Moozicore and have already helped them in negotiations with the Big 3 labels of the music industry which include Sony Music, Universal and Warner Music Group. This would enable Moozicore’s business partners to stream music at their venues just like any of us do use popular music streaming services at our home, without getting worried about the legal aspects of it.

Moozicore has been working on it’s official Initial Coin Offering (IEO) launch for over a year and seems to have announced the project only after managing all the complexities of behind the scene for operating in the music streaming industry. They have also promised to pay 20% of their in-app voting revenue to the venue where the services have been used by the customer.

How can I be a Part of Moozicore Ecosystem

Being a blockchain-based service, Moozicore has its IEO currently underway which started from 5th of July 2019. The native token Moozicore Gold(MZG) would act as a fuel for the Moozicore Ecosystem, where customers can use it to pay for a plethora of in-app services and also trade it on a number of exchanges where it will be listed right after the commencement of the IEO.

In order to maintain a supply-demand economy, the firm has also come up with an innovative ‘Token Burn Program’ which promises to take out a certain portion of MZG tokens from the circulation supply. The token burning program would use 10% of its in-app revenue as a reference amount for the buyback program, and these tokens would be taken out of the circulation forever, ensuring the value of the token in the long run.

Moozicore combines the best of blockchain technology to bring an all-new form of music streaming service for various businesses. The firm not only helps the business partners in managing their business needs but also ensures that their customer feels a part of the operations, by giving them a customized music experience with a refreshing approach