Berlin “The Most Important City in Blockchain Cosmos”: Joseph Lubin

Co-founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin has now said that if the blockchain industry can be made to move in the right direction, Berlin could become the most important city in the market. The blockchain entrepreneur said in an interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that Berlin might just be “the most important (city) in the Blockchain cosmos”. He explained that

“Berlin has the infrastructure, Berlin has the talents, the really good programmers are here.”

He believes that the only thing the city lacks is a government initiative for the promotion of the technology. Lubin further maintains that the complete development of a blockchain economy in Germany is indeed possible since the politicians in the country do have that kind of power.

Lubin has chosen to stay optimistic regarding the future of digital currencies as well, even though he claims that they hold no personal interest for him. He claims that he simply wants the development of the underlying technology. He has explained that absolutely any public interest in the field of digital currencies should be seen as positive, as it will definitely open up more avenues of innovation and talent for the industry.

Joseph Lubin is most well known for having co-founded Ethereum along with Vitalik Buterin. He has also founded ConsenSys more recently, wherein he aims to develop decentralised applications and software that will make use of the Ethereum network. Today, the company also deals out advice to several businesses and governments on the usage of blockchain, including the EU.

Lubin has explained that he believes that blockchain technology will morph into a new generation internet, which he has dubbed “Web 3.0”. With the present version of the internet that’s available to us being overrun by for-profit companies that usually have little regard for customer privacy and choice, Lubin says that there is indeed a lot of room for improvement once the current flaws can be satisfactorily addressed. And one of the first steps to be taken in that direction, he says, is for cities like Berlin to finally embrace and work on the development of blockchain technologies.