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LinkedIn’s Top 50 U.S. Startups includes Crypto, Blockchain companies

Even after the explanation and a few theories that the economists have furnished on ‘the number of startups in the U.S. that have been collapsing since 2005’, there are a few success stories around the corner. LinkedIn is a professional networking social media site. If used correctly it will positively help you to grow in your professional reputation. Building a profile that will show off the achievements and will help in constructing a professional network is the platform used for based on your activity and engagement.

LinkedIn just released its “Top Startups list,” naming the 50 top startups in the country. The list includes crypto and blockchain companies in a positively enormous amount. A company has to be 7 years old or older, must have at least 50 employees and be privately held and headquartered in the U.S. There is a certain regard or criteria for startup to get into the list that for LinkedIn is based on four pillars which includes employee growth; jobseeker interest; member engagement with the company and its employees; and how well these startups pulled talent from LinkedIn’s Top Companies list.

Since the popularity of Crypto, bitcoin especially, there has been much attraction on many fields and crypto enthusiast are keen to make a fortune out of it. There are various startups including Coinbase, Ripple and many more. Ripple provides services which are based on the blockchain technology, the same technology that is the basis for all the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies had an impressive showing among their mainstream industry peers with Coinbase third in the list and Uber adversary Lyf topped the list.

Other than the top 10 on the list,

Outside of the top 10, the Winklevosses and Gemini sit at the list’s upper and lower division at 25. LinkedIn highlights the Winklevosses’ formerly defeated attempts to list a bitcoin ETF, as well as their creating of an SRO (self-regulatory organization) for cryptocurrency exchanges.

After Gemini, Ethereum incubator ConsenSys wins the top position of the other half. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin heads the organizational body, and its impressive staff of 965, the largest of any of the crypto companies surveyed, is spread across departments for technological development, consulting, education and investing.

The last cryptocurrency company on the list positioned at 47 is, Axoni, a fintech firm concentrated on blockchain and shared ledger technology. The company is starting to make its name for itself with 50 employees currently. One thing is for certain the new technology and craze for cryptocurrency have given a new approach to thinking.