Latest Bitcoin Trends of 2019

You surely have gone through our must read Bitcoin trading tips and now are preparing to jump into the world of Bitcoin trading with elan. However, before you start, it is essential to know some of the latest Bitcoin trends of 2019. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency of the millennials, can hardly escape the ubiquitous tendency of generating cool new trends and practices. Today, we will take a look at the coolest ones that are expected to dominate this year.

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The following are some of the major trends of this year:

1. Increasing Role of Smartphones in Bitcoin Trading and Storage

In today’s world, almost every other person has a smartphone, be it a millionaire or a simple shopkeeper in a developing country. The smartphone explosion is expected to move into the Bitcoin space this year, thereby boosting adoption and introducing greater ease into the crypto scene.

HTC has already come out with Exodus 1, its blockchain-based phone with a crypto wallet to boot.

Moreover, confirming months of floating rumours, Samsung Galaxy S10 also emerged on the scene with an integrated crypto wallet. Clearly, the trend of crypto-enabled smartphones is catching on and can be expected to be a rather major one this one.

2. Greater Interest of Governments in Crypto

Bitcoin evangelist Nick Szabo has suggested the possibility of crypto being increasingly adopted by central banks and governments, especially of countries that are ravaged by conflicts and fraught with political tension.

He opines that the central banks will soon begin to use crypto as a complementary reserve besides just gold.

Whether the latter really happens remains to be seen but the world is already seeing an increased interest from governments in crypto. After the conflicted, financially torn country Venezuela, several other countries have also begun to take interest.

In the latest example of this, the finance minister of Argentina has also expressed interest in the prospective role of crypto in aiding the national economy.

3. Wide Availability of Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are fast gaining popularity, for the ease and anonymity they allow users. The number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world is close to 5000 now. The number itself is steadily increasing but it still is a very small number in proportion to the number of countries that actually use crypto.

Yet, since the number of Bitcoin ATMs is steadily rising, we expect that a major trend of 2019 will be the proliferation of Bitcoin ATMs and the wider adoption of Bitcoin because of the same.

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4. Increasing Role of Bitcoin in Tourism

Bitcoin’s role in tourism is expanding as hotel owners are increasingly targeting tech-savvy millennial users by allowing for crypto payments. A prime example of this is the Spanish hotel chain called Casual Hoteles who introduced crypto payment options on its properties earlier this year.

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