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Israel’s Microsoft Branch Partners With Blockchain Israel To Launch New Academy

Is-really happening! The Microsoft branch of Israel has recently joined hands with Blockchain Israel to launch a new Blockchain Academy in the country. For those asking what is Blockchain Israel, it is a community that is dedicated to new research and innovation in blockchain technology, which could benefit ‘business leaders, educators, policy-makers and citizens’. Founded by entrepreneur Yael Rozencwajg, the community has quickly gained immense popularity in the country.

The new Israel Blockchain Academy that this alliance will beget, will be aimed at equipping senior executives and developers with greater in-depth knowledge of the industry and the technology. The current plan of action outlines the structure of this academy.

According to the event page, a total of twelve meetings are to be hosted by the academy which will revolve around eight core chapters of blockchain,

“designed to provide a personalized, curated and expert-driven blockchain program and allow participants to deep dive around this new technology and develop relevant industry use cases with our mentors”.

Expert instructors will train the CTOs, R&D leaders and experienced developers of the country and outside. It will be a masterclass on how blockchain technology can authenticate transactions, and revolutionize the business sector.

The program is scheduled to be hosted at StartHub by Microsoft at a WeWork location in Tel Aviv, on October 7. All the more reason to join this program is that it is free for up to 100 participants per program.

In an interview with Israeli tech site People and Computers, Rozencwajg said that the Israel Blockchain Academy,

“brings together lecturers, partners, and experts in the industry from Israel and across the world for this program.”

The Microsoft Israel COO and CMO Shira Fayans Birenbaum said,

“In the coming years, blockchain will become critical for businesses looking to operate globally, with many partnerships. In this respect, blockchain is revolutionary technology for the field, almost like the internet itself was and cloud technology was.”