Is The Bullsh*t Crypto Project Name Generator A Joke?

A couple of days back we explained to you what is blockchain fatigue and it seems that this phenomenon, of running out of appropriate use cases, is beginning to grip the blockchain and crypto industries hard.

So what is the solution to this crippling problem? Well, we suggest you look no further than the “Bullsh*t crypto project name generator”. Wait what?

Yes, there is a website by that name indeed and it provides quite unique solutions to your blockchain fatigue and crypto woes. What is it all about? That is exactly what we are about to find out today.

What is the Bullsh*t Crypto Project Name Generator?

The blockchain space has long struggled with the need to come up with real, viable use cases and now this site tries to solve that problem by generating extremely unique and quirky use case ideas for the blockchain project you are trying to build.

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If you go onto this website and request for a blockchain project idea, it will churn one out for you.

Examples of such ideas include “revolutionising peer-to-peer payment between retired shitcoin holders in Barbados” and the “first fair cryptocurrency for pornstars”. Although this is frequently used as a joke by users, it can often give some cool, inspired ideas for new blockchain projects.

This idea was the brainchild of Tamas Torok, a marketeer, developed for crypto entrepreneurs hungry for fun and quirky ideas.

While speaking to a media outlet, Torok said:

“As an investor, I used to go through these projects to find some promising one. After a while, it was pretty obvious how to filter out the bullshit projects: they have typically a vague headline stuffed with buzzwords, usually including the word ‘first’ to attract investors.

About his idea, he added:

“It’s hilarious and super sad. My goal was to have fun while trying to educate others to be more careful when investing in any crypto projects.”

Clearly, this website was initially meant just as a joke but has now spiralled into something that could be used in actuality for real blockchain and crypto projects.

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