New Governance Models of Giveth

Is Giveth Trying To Bring New Governance Models into a Nonprofit space?

Giveth is an open source smart contract platform that takes charitable donations to the next level.

This platform enables accountability as well as transparency for P2P donations and is aimed at building communities across changing the world for the better.

That way, the platform is trying to bring new governance models into a nonprofit space.

Yes, the core team of Giveth hopes that one day soon, the charities, open source development and non-profit projects will be using Giveth’s smart contracts and User Interface to fund potent projects that can bring REAL change.

The system of charitable donations that we have today is ready for a massive evolution.

Indeed, Bitcoin made a major step forward, allowing money to be sent directly. And, Giveth is ready to add Ethereum-based smart contracts to kick it up a notch.

According to the platform –

“There are great people in the charity space working hard to make the world a better place, but the systems they have to work within today are inefficient in many ways. We believe we can make them much more effective.”

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Giveth Brings Solutions

  1. Build a result-oriented incentive structure distributing donations once milestones have been reached.
  2. Decentralize everything! Empower people who are looking to make the world a better place to raise funds for their notion and build a community. Giveth puts both individuals as well as large charitable organizations on an equal playing field, taking their ideas to execution.
  3. Build communities by starting a communication channel between the donors as well as the recipients of the donations for maximizing the transparency.

Soft Launch

Giveth’s foundational set of smart contracts are live on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform claims to use several open source Solidity contracts developed by Jordi Baylina for managing their own donations with utmost transparency on the blockchain.

Even though the Giveth Platform will officially exit the stealth mode in late January at the blockchain-Expo in London, Jordi has been tough at work and is ahead of the schedule. The platform will not let the silly PR game slow down the real open source development.

Giveth has been testing the MiniMe Token and feel that it’s ready for Primetime. In case you find yourself in the need to launch or upgrade a token, then consider the only token contract allowing your dApp to be upgradeable midstream in a decentralized manner.

Giveth is using its own token with an aim to support the development of its platform. Anyone who donates to Giveth platform by sending Ether to 0xf19c536ab792f173b7ee62d9ccc51f4ed6180773 will get Giveth Tokens.

Giveth tokens don’t have monetary value, but they will surely be used for the governance of the Giveth platform as the future contracts are developed to help this functionality.

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Giveth Vault Contract

Giveth is dedicated to releasing its second contract into the wild for peer review.

The Vault Contract is one of the most important contracts in the system, which is meant to store Ether safely and to automate as well as record payments with utmost transparency.

The Vault Contract can be used for your own dApp.

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