Is Cryptocurrency the Best Use Case For Blockchain?

This is a question that has been asked by experts and to experts time and again now, but there is no unanimous answer to this legitimate question.

Considering that cryptocurrency or digital coins have been built on the bedrock of blockchain technology, it is only fair to wonder whether it is the greatest ever innovation that blockchain tech has contributed to in the past decade.

With Blockchain’s increasing adoption in various industries and in myriad ways, it is crystal clear that the world has witnessed numerous ways in which blockchain technology can contribute to the progress of our society and keep alive the technological revolution. There are a gazillion startups out there who are experimenting with this technology at the moment and some great innovations are being created as a result.

In the fields of healthcare, supply chain management, education and even security, blockchain has made enormous strides in the respective industries. Does that mean that there are bigger things than cryptocurrency, that this technology is destined to be used for? It seems as if though there is.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not neglect the significance of an innovation like cryptocurrency, but I am also looking at the bigger picture for blockchain technology here. While supporting an online form of currency is a silent act of rebellion against the traditional way the economy works, blockchain tech can make a whole lot of noise if it is allowed to.

Consider this; the transparency and decentralized nature of this technology, coupled with its ease of use given the availability of the right equipment, is what sets the technology apart from other technologies like AI or Cloud Computing. Blockchain has the potential to be an extraordinary example of modern technology that should be incorporated in every sector out there.

That is why I sincerely believe that cryptocurrency isn’t the be all and end all of blockchain technology out there.