Is CPU Mining Still Profitable?

Is CPU Mining Still Profitable in 2018?

Mining doesn’t need much investment and time.

There are a few cryptocurrencies, which you can mine by using only the power of CPU/GPU on your computer.

Mining has become a popular and expensive business nowadays.

It came with ASIC-miners approximately in 2012 to 2013, since there was a big competition for getting Bitcoins. That was the prime reason why the difficulty of the network started to rise really fast.

In the next few years, Bitcoin and the most of other virtual currencies became impossible to mine by using a regular computer.

The first ASIC proved to be relatively weak. In general, the most powerful ones originally could offer just a bit more hashrate than that of a regular computer with GPU/CPU.

It may not sound good today, but the first Bitcoin Core users would accumulate hundreds or thousands of virtual coins without any special hardware.

Today, we have the real factories for mining known as Mining Farms. They are mostly established in Asian countries such as Japan, China and South Korea. Such business is generally centered around Bitcoin, which was supposed to be independent as well as decentralized.

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The Issue with Mining Business

Business has to be legit, which means that you need to pay taxes, salaries and other expenses for your employees with regular money.

There are some nations, where Bitcoin is legal, yet you cannot use it to make the legal deals there. That is the reason why such executives need to exchange obtained coins for a regular currency.

Now the question is why do we need to mine cryptocurrency with ASICs while spending a huge amount of power with no use of it for the business? Such business deals are meaningless.

A lot of developers as well as crypto-enthusiasts do care about that. But they think that we need to decentralize the cryptocurrencies to offer everyone equal opportunities in using it.

Where Bitcoin is controlled by the bitcoin mining pools, it doesn’t offer any advantages for the regular users.

Therefore, a big part of the cryptocurrency community doesn’t appreciate ASIC-miners. This part incorporates a lot of gifted blockchain developers running their own cryptocurrencies, depending upon the decentralization principles. This means that you can get the coins with your computer power, by using a CPU or GPU.

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About CPU Mining

CPU is a central processing unit. It is actually the brain of your computer that implements all the calculations to run it. The more powerful is your computer CPU, the faster your machine performs.

CPU is generally used for the regular programs since it is relatively not much powerful. In case you wish to play games on your computer or simply do some difficult calculations to mine a cryptocurrency, you will need a GPU.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine with CPU –

It’s important to note that a GPU is dependably more powerful than a CPU. However, a few coins exist which are still mineable, even if you don’t have a powerful graphics card.

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GPU Mining

GPU stands for graphics processing unit. Originally, it was developed for the games and complicated 3D modeling. Besides, it’s also perfect for mining altcoins since it is capable of providing a good hashrate.

Hashrate represents the power of mining. For the purpose of understanding what exactly it counts, you should know about the chief principles of Bitcoin architecture. For avoiding the boring technical explanations, it’s simple to accept that with more hashrate, you will get more revenue.

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With the above stated facts, it’s evident that when it comes to cryptocurrency mining, CPU isn’t a profitable choice.

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