Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Is Cloud Mining Profitable Than Bitcoin Mining Hardware?

To start with bitcoin mining can turn out to be a bit difficult process for many people.

For instance, you must consider some specific algorithm used by the Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency you wish to mine.

In addition, bitcoin mining hardware can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

With all these challenges, it may be a good idea to look out the alternative ways for gaining cryptocurrency profits.

Is Cloud Mining a legit or more profitable option in the long run?

Let’s compare these two possible options so that you can make a more informed decision!

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Costs Involved in Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitcoin Mining Hardware usually needs a substantial upfront financial commitment on the miners’ part.

In the first place, it is significant to consider how much mining rigs cost in total. This not just relies on the cryptocurrency that you are intend to mine, but also how expansive and potent your mining operation needs to be.

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Costs Involved in IT Cloud Mining

In a comparison with Bitcoin Hardware Mining, the costs involved in IT cloud mining are quite simple to calculate.

A lot of organizations run on a monthly subscription model that is determined by the cryptocurrency you are willing to mine, and the hash rate is run on much speed on the popular sites, for example, Genesis Mining and HashFlare.

Bitcoin Hardware Mining ROI

Though, for certain, there is no way to say how long it will take to break even on investments in bitcoin hardware mining or cloud mining, yet it is important to do the research on estimated time frames.

As per the most miners, it is difficult to anticipate to become profitable within 3 – 6 months.

However, 10 to 15 months is the realistic for money. A lot depends on the cryptocurrency prices, electricity costs, and the sort of mining rig you use.

If you wish to determine this perfectly, then NiceHash offers you a good calculator.

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IT Cloud Mining ROI

Depending upon the information provided by Reddit forums, ROI calculators and reviews, it is evident to see that cloud mining is not all that profitable.

For instance,

  • HashFlare Scrypt and SHA-256, as of May 30, 2018, take 3,828 and 3,983 days to reach ROI on BTC respectively.
  • Genesis Mining for ETH has come up with even worse ROI, taking nearly 25,992 days (70+ years).

In both the cases, it is difficult to justify cloud mining over the hardware mining.

The issue with getting a subscription for cloud mining is that it can be daunting to keep paying monthly even during the bearish market. These statistics cloud certainly improve if we see a massive bull run as seen in December 2017. However, it is all the more a daunting challenge to predict when will a bullish market begin and end.


In spite of the high and upfront costs, the consensus is that bitcoin mining hardware remains a lot more profitable than that of cloud mining. Possibly, the major advantage of cloud mining is its overall ease-of-use as it needs no difficult hardware installation and avoids potentially unpredictable electric costs.

Although, many veterans in the cryptocurrency community would agree that if you just can’t start a hardware mining operation, then it is perhaps the best choice to mint the profits through trading rather than going to the cloud mining route.

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