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IBM Looks To Patent Blockchain Security Solution Against Drones

A leading innovator in blockchain and the IT giant IBM, is looking to patent a system that would use blockchain as a security solution against issues that are on the rise due to the increasing use of drones by various companies in various circumstances.

IBM had applied for this patent way back in March 2017. Recently. the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has made those documents public on Thursday. IBM has in the past applied for several patents which have something or other to do with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Drones have been widely used by various companies in the recent days in both commercial and recreational capacity. The blockchain system that IBM wishes to patent will store data regarding the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights or drones, “particularly when a security risk is considered to be relatively high.” This will enable the airspace controllers and regulators to keep track and supervise the increasing number of drones in the airspace.

Various data like flight patterns of the drone, its location, proximity to restricted zones, its manufacturer and model number, any unusual behaviour and weather conditions can be stored on the blocks.

The authors have explained:

“The chain can be considered a chronicle of a UAV’s path through time. When a transaction is conducted, the corresponding UAV parameters are sent to one or more of the computing nodes in the system for validation. The one or more computing nodes establish a validity of the transaction and generate a new block. Once the new block has been calculated, it can be appended to the stakeholder’s UAV blockchain. Among many other advantages, the use of a blockchain infrastructure helps in identifying misbehaving UAVs by multiple parties and such activities are recorded in an immutable ledger. “

Depending upon the nature of the drone, the block time can change. If it is a drone which gets too close to restricted zones, then it may trigger a warning and the supervisors will receive more data about the drone. Whereas if a drone is carrying emergency aid for the distraught, then it can be granted immediate permission to operate in the area without delay.

The tools for risk assessment can be analytical algorithms or machine learning models which can later be fused with the blockchain via smart contracts.

Previously, Walmart too had patented for a blockchain system for package delivery that would make use of drones and robots.