How to Use ERC20 Tokens on MetaMask?

Most people within the crypto community are quite well-acquainted with ERC20 tokens, a common standard of tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Those of you who use these tokens or frequent the Ethereum network, must also know of MetaMask, the browser-cum-wallet meant for using the Ethereum blockchain. Now, often what happens is that users find it difficult to use ERC20 tokens on MetaMask, even though the latter is meant for that purpose. Then, how should you use ERC20 tokens on MetaMask?

Given MetaMask is crucial to navigating the Ethereum blockchain, including the dApps (decentralized applications) ERC standard tokens that are a part of it, is is imperative to know how exactly you should go about using the ERC20 tokens on MetaMask.

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Why Is It Difficult To Use ERC20 Tokens on MetaMask?

Often, users realize that their ERC20 tokens are not showing up on MetaMask. As a result of this error, they get confused and wonder how they should go about using their tokens on this amazing platform that doubles up as a browser and a wallet.

The solution is to realize that they need to manually add each of their ERC20 tokens to the MetaMask platform before they can go ahead and use it. So, in the following section, we will tell you exactly how you can add your ERC20 tokens to MetaMask.

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How to Add ERC20 Tokens To MetaMask?

To add a custom token to MetaMask, you must first open the browser and wallet, and log in to your account. Having done that, you will see there are two tabs, one of which says “Sent” and the other says “Tokens”. Click on the one that says “Tokens”.

Next, select the “Add Token” option. At this point, you will be taken to a token detail form which will ask you for answers to specifics about the token you want to add: Token Contact Address, Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision.

For knowing what to fill into these blanks, you can visit and find the token you are trying to add. Here, you will find all the details necessary for filling the MetaMask form.

After having filled in all the required details, you can just hit on “add” and you can now see the balance of that particular token in your MetaMask account. It is really that simple!

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