How To Earn Ethereum Online For Free?

By now, you surely know how to earn Bitcoins online for free. Now, you would probably want to diversify to some other cryptocurrencies as well. If you can get some of them for free, there is absolutely no reason why you should not hunt for ways to earn whatever little you can get for free. Therefore, to help you a little more, we are back with a guide to tell you how to earn Ethereum online for free.

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The following are some of the ways to earn Ethereum online for free:

Seeking out crypto earning websites

Like a well-known website called, you will find a plethora of websites on the internet that are ready to pay you some cryptocurrencies for free only if you complete some tasks for them.

These tasks are extremely varied and diverse, some requiring you to fill out surveys and some asking you to watch video ads or download certain apps and use them.

In return for completing such tasks, these websites give you small portions of the cryptocurrency of your choice. Usually, the quantity shelled out for each task that you complete is rather low and it would take you a considerable amount of time and patience to really earn much out of this practice.

Even so, since nobody would really give you anything for free, it makes sense to try out these websites if you do have some time to spare and the need for some slight pocket change.

Using Ethereum Faucets

The internet is literally bursting with crypto faucet websites if you know where to look. These crypto faucets basically work, like their name suggests quite obviously, like a leaky tap. So these spill out teeny tiny bits of crypto in return for you visiting their site.

The longer you visit their website, the higher is your chance of earning free crypto, Ethereum in this case.

Basically, a lot of these faucets happen to make use of their platforms to make subjects view advertisements put forward by sponsors. They then give users a small portion of their ad revenue as faucet earnings.

Playing Games

Several games that you find on the web or on your phone’s app store (play store, in case of Android) allow you to earn Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies as rewards for completing levels or simply selling in-game items.

These can be a fun and entertaining way to earn some cryptocurrencies for free.

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