How To Earn Bitcoins By Playing Games?

If you have looked for ways to get free cryptocurrency, you may have come across the option of taking a look at gaming platforms. A lot of online gaming platforms are known to be a great bet to earn some free Bitcoins, or other forms of cryptocurrencies. Now, while you may have already heard that this is the case, you may not have a clue about how exactly to go about earning Bitcoins by playing games.

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In today’s article, we will have a quick look at how gaming platforms on the internet can help you make a pretty penny by giving you some Bitcoins for free, which you can eventually convert to cash.

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Why Will Gaming Platforms Pay You Money?

When you are told that gaming platforms online will provide you with Bitcoins that you do not have to pay anything for, you may feel somewhat suspicious.

Why are these gaming platforms so ready to give you Bitcoins that are quite valuable by themselves? There can be two possible reasons for this.

Advertisement Revenue

Often, these platforms earn a great deal of money by getting you to passively see ads. If you click on these ads, they earn even more.

When they give you Bitcoins, they are shelling out only a very small portion of their ad revenue to incentivize you to visit their platform and watch the ads in the first place.

Promotional Purposes

If a gaming platform has just been launched and has eventual profit motives in mind, they might pay you Bitcoins or Satoshis (a part of Bitcoin) for simply signing up, playing the game or downloading their mobile app.

How Can You Earn Bitcoins Via Gaming Platforms?

A variety of games, ranging from quizzes like the SatoshiQuiz, riddles like the BitcoinRiddles, farming games like Farm Satoshi to games similar to Candy Crush (such as Coin Crusher) exist on the internet. Often, simply downloading their app can lead you to earn some free Bitcoins.

Other times, playing and clearing levels leads you to accumulate points which you then can redeem in the form of Bitcoins that get transferred to your linked wallet.

Coin Basketball, Coin Hopper, BitFactory, SparkProfit, mBit Casino, Tremor Games Arcade, Free Bitcoin Games, SaruTobi, Cash Clamber are some more examples of the countless games you can check out for this purpose.

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