How To Buy Ripple With Skrill?

Are you wondering how to buy Ripple with Skrill? Then you have come to the right place as we will now tell you exactly how to do so.

Now if you have read our beginner’s guide to Ripple, you would know that it is a cryptocurrency that is primarily focused on banking and facilitating cross-border transfers or payments.

As for Skrill, it is an e-commerce site that also attempts to smoothen the process of money transfers and cross-border payments. While Ripple is based on blockchain technology, Skrill is based on the internet.

So, it is but natural one would wonder if there was a way to combine the two and buy Ripple with Skrill. It is indeed possible to do so, and the following platforms are meant to make the process possible.

1. VirWox

VirWox is a leading online crypto asset exchange that connects buyers and sellers with a unique flexibility in place.

While most of the major mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges allow you only a limited number of pairings, that too with other crypto coins or fiat, VirWox does it quite differently.

For example, if you go to Coinbase exchange for example, you may find pairings such as XRP/BTC or XRP/ETH.

But in VirWox, you can use a wide variety of payment options to purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice. These choices range from PayPal to Skrill, giving you considerable flexibility in terms of the mode of payment.

To buy any crypto coin on VirWox, you will ideally have to buy some Linden dollars or SLL using fiat currency and then carry out the exchange on the site using it. The fees are minimum and the flexibility is immense. Therefore, VirWox is our top choice when it comes to buying Ripple (XRP) with Skrill.

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2. LakeBTC

LakeBTC is a crypto exchange based out of Shanghai and has been in business from 2013, giving it enough time to muster credibility in the market.

It works in a manner that is quite similar to VirWox but does not have an equivalent of VirWox’s Linden dollars or SLL. On LakeBTC also, you get a variety of payment options for purchasing Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether etc.

Here, you can directly purchase Ripple using Skrill once you have purchased Skrill balance using fiat. This particular exchange is made better by the fact that Ripple exchanges are free of charge.

3. BitPanda

For Europeans, BitPanda makes for a great exchange option if you are looking to buy Ripple using Skrill.

This exchange operates primarily in the Eurozone and is a specialised crypto broker connecting buyers and sellers.

BitPanda also offers multiple payment options, such as Giropay, MasterCard and most importantly for today’s context, Skrill. You can simply sign up, verify your account and get to buying.

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