How To Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Gift Card?

There are many methods and avenues to buy Bitcoin and one way you might not know about is buying Bitcoins with iTunes gift cards. If you are surprised, read on as we tell you exactly how to do that.

There are several ways to buy Bitcoins on a peer-to-peer basis, including the way in which you buy Bitcoins with PayPal. This method is just another of such peer-to-peer processes.

The following are the ways in which you can use your iTunes gift card to buy Bitcoins. If you want to purchase other cryptocurrencies with a similar method, you can check out whether your preferred cryptocurrencies are available at the portals mentioned below.

Alternatively, after we tell you how to buy Bitcoin with your ITunes gift card, you can simply have that Bitcoin exchanged for whatever cryptocurrency you want.

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1. Paxful

Paxful is a rather well-known portal for buying and selling Bitcoins and there are a large number of ways to do so over here.

Now Paxful is a lot like eBay, but instead of buying quirky home products, appliances or clothes, you buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Given that Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency and the most popular one in the market, it is easily available for purchase on Paxful.

It is a very simple process but you must understand the risks before you go ahead with it. There will be a large number of sellers willing to sell you their Bitcoins for a certain price (roughly around the market price, but also dependant on the specific seller). Now your next job is to choose the right seller for yourself.

For this, you must conduct your due diligence really well and make sure you go for a credible person to buy your Bitcoin from. Now, more than three hundred payment options are supported on this platform, and iTunes gift card is just one of them.

Your job is to simply locate a seller who is ready to sell you Bitcoins in exchange for your iTunes gift card.

Now, bear in mind that you have to pay a small fee to Paxful for facilitating this exchange, at 1% of the transaction value. At this low fee, you can make good use of an iTunes gift card you probably have lying around.

2. LocalBitcoins

Of the various peer-to-peer options available when you are buying or selling Bitcoins, LocalBitcoins is an extremely popular option.

This works in a way that is fairly similar to how Paxful functions and you must again pay a small fee for the platform to connect you with possible sellers.

Once again, you must take great care in choosing an appropriate seller for yourself. With a wide variety of payment options available so easily, it should not be difficult at all to find one that is ready to accept your iTunes gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins of an equivalent amount.

Now, all peer-to-peer exchanges do come with an element of risk which can be easily bypassed if you conduct your due diligence smartly.

One advantage that LocalBitcoins offers you is that it also provides escrow services, which basically ensures third party storage of your funds until the deal is worked out with your seller and fulfilled accordingly.

3. Cointal

Cointal or Coin Portal also works a lot like how LocalBitcoins or Paxful does, which means you enjoy a similar degree of flexibility in purchasing Bitcoins with your ITunes gift cards.

What’s more, this particular exchange also lets you buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), the other two of the top three cryptocurrencies of the market.

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