Buy Bitcoin with a Gift Card

How to Buy Bitcoin with a Gift Card?

There are many ways to buy bitcoins with, and we have discussed them previously in many of our posts. Not many people know that they can buy bitcoins with the gift card that most brands, shopping centres and online stores offer.

This guide will help you with every step you need to follow to exchange your gift card balance for BTC successfully. Sure, there are several ways to do that, but we are going to discuss here the best of all – Paxful.

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Paxful: The Best Place to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card

  1. First, you need to sign up on Paxful.
  2. Get your gift card and purchase receipt as sellers tend to ask for a picture.
  3. Select the ‘Buy Bitcoin‘ option.
  4. In the last box, search and select ‘Amazon Gift Card’ or other options that interest you.
  5. Click on the search button. You will find a list with all the sellers willing to accept your gift card in exchange for Bitcoins.
  6. Before you proceed, do check the seller’s exchange rate and their reputation.
  7. Once you choose the right seller, the transaction takes a few minutes.

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Gift Cards You Can Buy Bitcoins With

Remember that there are several websites where you can exchange your card’s balance for Bitcoins. Here, we are focusing on Paxful because you can find the most active users there.

Changing an Amazon Gift Card for Bitcoins

  • In Paxful, sellers usually ask for a physical card and the purchase receipt since they don’t accept e-code.
  • The code appearing on the card must match with the code on the receipt.
  • Once the seller redeems the code, he will pay you back in bitcoins.
  • The complete operation will be registered right on the platform.

Changing an iTunes Gift Card for Bitcoins

Though we have discussed this in our guide on How To Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Gift Card in details, yet here’s a short glimpse of the same.

  • Sellers are more interested in accepting physical cards than electronic codes.
  • Contact the seller and state your balance to start the deal.
  • Once they accept the deal, you’ll have to send them a clear picture of your card.
  • Once the seller finds everything correct, he will release the bitcoins, which will be directly deposited into your wallet.

Changing an Apple Store Gift Card for Bitcoins

  • In this case, you can find sellers who accept e-codes and balances over $3000.
  • Contact the seller and show the balance you are willing to exchange for BTC.
  • Send your gift card’s code, add a picture of the physical card or an image of the email Apple sent you.
  • The bitcoins will only be released; once the card has been verified.

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Final Thoughts

So this is how you can buy Bitcoins with the Gift Cards offered by these brands. In all of the ways, it’s mentioned that you have to provide a clear picture of the card as part of verification method to make sure that the code of your gift card and the receipt matches with each other. Make sure that the picture you provide is good in quality and has clear visibility of the codes.

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