How Many Bitcoins Does Satoshi Have?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of the financial revolution Bitcoin, has been a topic of fascination for many. The identity of the man behind the revolution has intrigued the crypto world for over a decade, but along with his identity, his Bitcoin Fortune is also an equally debated topic in the crypto realm.

How Many Bitcoins Does Satoshi Have? The exact estimate is still debatable, but many pieces of research have been conducted for the same and the approx value comes at around 1 million Bitcoin.

Satoshi’s Bitcoin fortune is estimated along the lines of early Bitcoin mining days when the mining scene was not crowded and not many people were even aware of the internet revolution that Bitcoin has become today.

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Satoshi’s Bitcoin Fortune

Satoshi’s Bitcoin fortune is not exactly known, but along with the search for a real face behind the alias of Satoshi, many researchers and crypto enthusiasts went digging about his early life. The time right before Bitcoin bust onto the internet and trade market scene.

One of the most extensive research in relation to Satoshi’s total Bitcoin aggregate was conducted by Sergio Demian Lerner, who used the extraNonce field increment technique to deduce the amount of Bitcoin held by Satoshi.

The methods traced the mining operations of Bitcoin up to 36288 Block from the Genesis Block and found that the early mining process was connected to a single computer and the amount came to around 1 million Bitcoins. The findings were in sync with the previous research

At the time of the research finding, Bitcoin was trading at around $6,000, making Satoshi a billionaire and 247th richest man on Earth. However, since the Bitcoin and altcoin prices are prone to heavy volatility and the billionaire status might change as the trading price gets lower.

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Hard Forks Might Have Added Other Cryptocurrencies To Satoshi’s Fortune

If you are aware of the cryptocurrency Hard-Forking, you must know that if you hold particular crypto right before the Hard Fork, you get to double your holdings as you get an equal amount of the forked coin.

We all know Bitcoin’s main network has been forked into Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, so Satoshi’s total fortune as of today does not only comprise of Bitcoin but an equal amount of the forked currencies too.

Hard-Forking has become a good source for doubling the profits or at least increasing it significantly. Since Bitcoin is the pioneer and many new altcoins get forked every year, Satoshi will reap great rewards from his early Bitcoin mining fortunes.

The other thing which is interesting in case of Satoshi’s Bitcoin fortune is that he never moved the BTC from its initial wallet and people are actually worried on what would happen if Satoshi finally decides to move his fortune or sell it all at once.

If Satoshi ever decides to move that million Bitcoin all at once, it might trigger a big chain reaction on the Crypto trade market, as pumping and dumping have been a troublesome nuisance already.

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People Are Sending Bitcoin To Satoshi’s Wallet

What could be termed as avid-fandom, people are sending money to Satoshi even today. Apart from that, Satoshi even received 16.5 BTC as a tip for the Genesis Block address.

Whatever may be the reason for Satoshi’s anonymity or his Bitcoin holdings, the man behind the revolution himself might tell, whenever he decides. Till then we can only hope that Satoshi might use the estimated 1 million Bitcoin holdings to either strengthen the Bitcoin network or invest it in some future entrepreneurship work.

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