How Many Bitcoin ATMs Are There In The World?

We know that Bitcoin ATMs are one of the most convenient ways of getting Bitcoins for yourself. Despite the slumps and slides in the crypto market itself, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has exponentially risen over the last couple of years. Have you ever wondered how many Bitcoin ATMs are there in the world right now?

If you have indeed thought about that question, we are here to answer that for you. In addition, we will also take a look at the countries that have the most number of Bitcoin ATMs, so that you can figure out where to find a Bitcoin ATM near you.

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How Many Bitcoin ATMs Are There In The World?

As of February 2019, as per information sourced from, there are 4,292 Bitcoin ATMs all around the globe.

You would possibly find that many traditional ATMs in any large or major city or two but for Bitcoin ATMs, this is still a rather large number.

Given that the market for cryptocurrencies is a rather niche one, it is encouraging to hear about the rate at which the number of Bitcoin ATMs is growing.

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You may note that the number of Bitcoin ATMs last February was just 2,221. Therefore, in just one year, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has nearly doubled in the world. That clearly speaks volumes about the growth in the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies.

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Over the last six month period, there has been a 25 per cent rise in the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world, registering a slight fall from the percentage increase in Bitcoin prices in the six months before that.

Therefore, despite a small dip, Bitcoin ATMs are still growing fast.

Which Countries Have The Most Bitcoin ATMs?

United States has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs as of now. It has Bitcoin ATMs in 2631 locations. Canada has the second largest number of Bitcoin ATMs, numbering up to 703 locations.

Austria has 273 locations and United Kingdom has 221 locations for Bitcoin ATMs.

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